Will Taylor Swift Appear on Travis Kelce's Podcast?

Fans are speculating wildly (imagine)!

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
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Could Taylor Swift drop a surprise podcast appearance on us this week? Fans of the singer certainly hope so, after Travis Kelce revealed the news that he and his brother Jason were recording a very special, very guest-laden episode of their podcast, New Heights.

"We have a guest episode coming up, that's right!," the tight end exclaimed early on in the episode. "For being so loyal ... and being such fans of the Kelce household," the younger Kelce went on, "we have a Kelce family year-end spectacular episode. And it's dropping this Friday."

This, of course, got fans wondering.

Though the duo admitted that they have yet to record the episode at the time of this one's release (Wednesday), both of the brothers Kelce admitted that it's going to be a fun show, with "a revolving door" of guests answering questions that have been asked of the "New Heights team."

Of course, this got all the fans of Taylor (and Travis) worked into a proverbial froth over such a potentially momentous occasion. After all, it has been reported that Taylor (and perhaps her parents as well?) are spending Christmas in Kansas City with the Kelce clan, and she recently hung out with Santa at the game on Christmas Day, so can anyone really blame fans for speculating wildly across social media and in the comments section of the podcast's most recent episode about it? Especially during this black hole of a week between Christmas and New Years?

Frankly, we fault no one for anything this time of year—we're all just wandering around in a haze that comes from consuming nothing but leftover wine and cheese plates while wearing pajamas for days on end. Which is probably what was also happening when fans started chiming in:

"Does Taylor count as a Kelce for Friday’s episode? Please!" read one comment.

"Would love to know if Taylor sits in the next room when they record cracking up at their jokes??" said another commenter. "Love you guys so much… but give us the ladies on Friday! Mama Kelce… Kylie… Taylor… Mama Swift…" added a third.

"TAYLOR SWIFT ON NEW HEIGHTS FRIDAY (manifesting)" said another fan on Twitter.

Thankfully, you won't have to wait too long to learn the answer, and we're sure fans will have lots to say about it either way, so watch this space for more.

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