Taylor Swift Brings Santa to Cheer on Travis Kelce

Santa?! She knows him!

Santa Claus and Taylor Swift
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Hard to believe that Santa Claus has the energy for anything today—what with his busy schedule over the last 24 hours—but I guess when Taylor Swift asks you to come cheer on her boyfriend with her at the big football game, you say yes!

In the never-ending media maelstrom that has emerged in the wake of Taylor Swift's romantic relationship with Kansas City Chief's Travis Kelce going public, few moments of their courtship have gone uncovered. And that goes double for the duo as their holiday plans have unfolded.

Thankfully, the arrival of Santa Claus at the luxury box of a Christmas Day football game is a jolly enough endeavor for us to cover. Of course Taylor Swift knows Santa Claus (who, some fans are speculating, may actually just be Taylor's father in a costume—gasp!).

Santa Claus and Taylor Swift

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Wearing her go-to sheerling leather bomber jacket and a sweet plaid miniskirt, Taylor and Santa made their way into the stadium to the booming cheers of thousands of fans:

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Now, we won't spoil what's happening in the game, but we can divulge what a source told Us Weekly the couple is planning to do this Christmas.

According to the source, the duo will be spending some quality time with Taylor's family in Nashville before heading out on on a romantic holiday for two.

"They love [getting together] with their families and friends, but right now, what they value above all else is alone time," the source is quoted as saying.

Can't help but wonder what these two got each other for Christmas: anyone have any ideas?

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