Taylor Swift's Publicist Slams Claims The Star Ever Married Joe Alwyn

Tree Paine is not playing.

Taylor Swift and Tree Paine
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Taylor Swift's famed publicist, Tree Paine, is setting the record straight in no uncertain terms.

Paine just took to Twitter to counter claims made by gossip account DeuxMoi that Swift had secretly married Joe Alwyn, or at least had some sort of ceremony to cement their love sometime. Rumors of a secret ceremony kept popping up time and time again over the course of their six-year relationship.

This comes off the heels of fans learning Swift wrote heartbreaking song "You're Losing Me" over a year before her official breakup with Alwyn, which has had people wondering what the actual timeline of the relationship looked like.

DeuxMoi took to Instagram Stories to share a message they received from a follower, who wrote, "I think Swifties need a reminder that just because Taylor wrote a sad song about Joe in Dec 21 doesn't mean they broke up around that time OR that she was unhappy for all of 2022/23. Anyone who has been in a long term relationship will tell you there are highs and lows."

They went on to remind fans that Swift was spotted with Alwyn on several occasions in 2022 and early 2023, and that her song "Glitch" makes a reference to "2,190 days" of relationship, which equals to six years.

The anonymous person went on to say, "Even YOU, DeuxMoi, is now trying to claim you thought they were on a break in 2023 when you were maintaining they were secretly married up until after they broke up!!"

Commenting on this message, DeuxMoi wrote, "She DID have a ceremony in either 2020 or 2021 in the UK and it was described to me as a 'marriage' by more than one person. It was NEVER made legal.

"I will die on this hill! Put it on my tombstone! I have no reason to lie, I could give a sh*t what she does!!!!! I'm sorry she didn't tell you guys about it in a song but just because she doesn't sing about something doesn't mean it didn't happen!!!"

Taylor Swift / DeuxMoi

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But Paine was unhappy about these claims, and wrote on Twitter, "Enough is enough with these fabricated lies about Taylor from Deuxmoi. There was NEVER a marriage or ceremony of ANY kind. This is an insane thing to post. It’s time for you to be held accountable for the pain and trauma you cause with posts like these."

In the comments, Swifties praised Paine for speaking out.

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