Taylor Swift Fans Think She and Travis Kelce Wore Matching Squirrel Sweaters to a Holiday Party

Because of his tweet!!!!!!

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have moved on to a crucial next step in their relationship: wearing matching ugly Christmas sweaters to a holiday party. Allegedly, in any case.

The popstar and NFL pro appear to have attended said party over the weekend, and a person who was there claims they wore novelty sweaters with squirrels on them.

This, if true, is an amazing reference to one of Kelce's old tweets that went viral recently, in which he misspelled the word "squirrel" and got incredibly excited about said squirrel eating a piece of bread he'd fed it.

Verbatim, the tweet (circa 2011) read, "I just gave a squirle a peice of bread and it straight smashed all of it!!!! I had no idea they ate bread like that!! Haha #crazy"

The news of Swift and Kelce wearing these sweaters comes from a text exchange between a party attendee and their friend, which was subsequently shared by a Swiftie Twitter account.

In this exchange, the attendee wrote, "They are wearing matching squirrel sweaters

"Bc of his tweet

"Where he spelled it wrong"

To this, the friend answered, "omg . the swifties are going to go crazy ab the squirrels

"bc of his tweet and she also has a history with squirrels"

More on Swift's history with squirrels can be found in this part of the thread, but essentially it looks like the singer is a fan of the little rodents.

Meanwhile, a video on TikTok includes blurry footage of Swift and Kelce potentially wearing some black sweaters with Christmassy squirrels on them. Amazing effort if so.

BTW, in case you somehow missed the entire saga, the singer and football player have been dating for about two or three months now.

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