Travis Kelce's Old Tweets Are Being Dug Up—And They're All So Wholesome It Hurts

Nothing problematic over here!

ight end Travis Kelce #87 of the Kansas City Chiefs stands on the field while warming up before a game against the Denver Broncos at Empower Field at Mile High on October 29, 2023 in Denver, Colorado
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Travis Kelce's old tweets from the early 2010s are being dug up amid his relationship with Taylor Swift, and it's so sweet and wholesome I can't get over it—and neither can anyone else on the internet, it seems.

Said tweets include the 2011 classic, "I just gave a squirle a peice of bread and it straight smashed all of it!!!! I had no idea they ate bread like that!! Haha #crazy"

Commenting on this one, a Swiftie wrote, "taylor swift in 2011: from when your brooklyn broke my skin and bones i’m a soldier who’s returning half her weight, and did the twin flame bruise paint you blue? just between us, did the love affair maim you too?

"travis kelce in 2011: i just gave a squirle a peice of bread"

Another person collated a few more smash hits, including 2011's, "So I gotta write a 6 page paper..... smh fux it! Guess ill just get this sh*t out of the way..."

This user commented, "im dying at travis kelce’s old tweets ... it’s giving victorious status updates"

For context, the Nickelodeon show Victorious had the cast of high school characters write on a Twitter-like platform called The Slap. They wrote gems like, "Going on a VACATION with Cat soon! No school for a week, yay!" and, "Cat is sitting by me. She smells GOOD :)"

(BTW, Cat was Ariana Grande's character.)

Back to Travis Kelce, his other fantastic old tweets include messages like, "NAP TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and, "happy easter to all!!! #shoutout to Jesus for takin one for the team.... haha"

All of these tweets resurfacing seems to be the internet's favorite pastime right now.

One person wrote, "travis kelce is experiencing the most positive possible version of the internet digging up your tweets from 2011"


And another chimed in, "awesome how people are sifting through travis kelce’s old tweets looking for something problematic and all they’re finding is stuff like you guys remember fruit roll ups lol"

And some of the brands Kelce referenced—including Taco Bell, Chipotle and Olive Garden—also got in on the fun. The internet is usually the worst, but today I'm grateful for it. And for Kelce circa 2011.

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