Tina Knowles Praises Both Her Daughter Beyoncé and Taylor Swift on Their Tour Successes: “To [Be] Able to Stimulate the Economy is No Small Feat”

Two words—Renaissance and Eras—have defined the summer musically.

Beyonce and Taylor Swift
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Her eldest daughter, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift were the two cultural juggernauts of the summer (seconded only, maybe, to Barbie)—and Tina Knowles has high praise for the two women.

Tina Knowles on a red carpet

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With just two words—“Renaissance” and “Eras”—these two women have dominated the past few months, and, on her Instagram account, Knowles shared a screenshot of a New York Times Facebook post about a story analyzing Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour and its economic impact, per People.

“Anything Beyoncé does becomes a cultural event, but the Renaissance World Tour has become a cultural movement,” The New York Times’ caption read. “By its close this weekend, the tour will have generated an estimated $4.5 billion for the American economy, about as much as the 2008 Olympics did for Beijing.” 

Beyonce at the Renaissance World Tour

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The Final Night Of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Los Angeles, CA

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Alongside the post, Knowles acknowledged the economic success of not just Beyoncé’s tour, but Swift’s Eras Tour as well, writing “This is so awesome! To [be] able to stimulate the economy is no small feat!” She then tagged both Beyoncé and Swift. “Just being young women and being able to say this is so awesome!!!” she added. “Proud of them both!”

Octavia Spencer cosigned Knowles’ sentiment in the comments section, harkening to a Beyoncé song when she wrote “Who run the world??? #Girls.”

Beyonce and Meghan Markle at The Lion King premiere

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Taylor Swift performing in Santa Clara, California for her Eras tour

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Of her daughter’s show—which has its final performance tonight in Kansas City—Knowles wrote “What I find fascinating at the renaissance tour is how diverse the audience is. I have seen people of all age groups from the very youngest to someone probably 75 jamming to the music and enjoying themselves everyone embracing each other. I’ve seen people move out of the way so that people could see who is shorter than them. I’ve never witnessed this at a concert before, it is usually every man for himself, but there is such kindness and acceptance, and no judgment at this concert. It is filled with love.”

She continued “I cry almost every night because I see examples of people of all ages, all races, all sexes Being kind, friendly and accepting! There seems to be no racism, no classism, no sexism, no ageism, just people having a good time and loving on each other!!! The tour is about spreading love and celebrating differences!!! It is a love fest and a beautiful thing to see!!! Renaissance is a movement! I am not ready to see it end! How about you?”

Beyonce at the Renaissance World Tour

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Taylor Swift performs against a multicolored background

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Though the tour may be ending tonight, multiple outlets report that Beyoncé will also release a film about her tour; hers is planned to drop December 1. (Swift’s film about her Eras Tour will come out October 13.) The singer confirmed the news Sunday night, announcing the forthcoming release of "Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé," and sharing a trailer for the documentary.

And, as the Renaissance World Tour closes tonight, Eras will run deep into 2024—Swift still has stops left in Latin America, Australia, Asia, Europe, and Canada, where she will wrap up the tour with a six-day residency in Toronto in November 2024.

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