Uh Oh, Is That a Hickey on Travis Kelce’s Neck...?

Let's get to the bottom of the latest Swiftie mystery.

Travis Kelce
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Swifties are known to be ruthless in their detective skills. They'll take a seemingly harmless Instagram post and discover twenty supposed clues in it. Often, these are Easter eggs left by their leader, Taylor Swift. Other times, blue nail polish is just blue nail polish.

Well, the Swifties have struck again, and this time, they've struck their attention on her boyfriend (and soon-to-be fiance??) Travis Kelce.

Kelce is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, and fans believe they've spotted something during one of his games.

In photos taken on the 17th of December, fans have noticed a mark on Kelce's neck, which they believe to be a hickey. Obviously, we're all assuming this hickey would be given by Swift, as otherwise, Kelce better start running from the wrath of the Swifties.

Fans quickly took to social media to discuss whether or not this was a hickey. They weren't the only ones, as even Sports TV host Pat McAfee took time out of his show to discuss the mark.

He said, "That made me think him and Taylor as just having fun. Sucking necks."

Well, is it a hickey?

We can't be sure, but most likely, it is just a scratch or bruise obtained during the game. Photos taken before the game don't show the mark, and Kelce is noticeably not wearing one of his trademark turtlenecks. We all know that The Hickey Code calls for turtlenecks or scarves, both of which wouldn't be out of place in this frosty winter weather.

Or is he trying to use reverse psychology on us...? It seems a little too perfect that there are photos perfectly showing his neck before the game. Hmm...

I'm sure the subject will come up on Kelce's podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, soon enough.

Until then, we're on Team Not a Hickey, but let us know if you disagree.

Travis Kelce

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Travis Kelce

(Image credit: Getty Images)
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