Alert: The Newest Instagram Feature Will Let You Keep Your Stories Forever

There's about to be some major updates to how your profile looks, too.

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Your favorite app just got another update. Today, Instagram unrolled a new feature (opens in new tab) where your stories don't have to disappear after 24 hours. In fact, you can save your stories forever under the new "Stories Archive" section (privately) or "Stories Highlights" section (publicly)—with instant access to share on your profile. So basically, no more rushing to download each picture or video you upload to your story before it expires. (Thanks, Instagram.)

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If this feature reminds you of last year's Snapchat launch of its "Memories" section, you're not wrong. It's a similar concept, and if you enable the "Archives" section on Instagram your stories can live there along with the rest of the posts you decide to save. Any stories you decide to post to your profile will now go on top of it—giving your profile a *major* design update.

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When the story archive is available for your specific account, you’ll get a notification inside the app. This is a big step for Instagram, and especially useful for brands/influencers/celebrities who want to share their content for more than a limited time. Imagine getting to witness Chrissy Teigen's stories forever. 😱 Stay tuned.

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