This "Times Up" Pin Is Going to Be All Over the Golden Globes Red Carpet

With Reese Witherspoon leading the charge.

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Following the string of sexual harassment and assault allegations in Hollywood (and beyond), 300 celebrities have teamed up to create the Time's Up defense fund to "address the systemic inequality and injustice in the workplace that have kept underrepresented groups from reaching their full potential." Now the initiative is making its way to the Golden Globes red carpet.

A vocal supporter of the cause, Reese Witherspoon tapped costume designer and stylist Arianne Phillips to design more than 500 Time's Up pins for stars to wear to the awards show. (Phillips is perhaps best known for styling Madonna, and for her costume design in Kingsman and Walk the Line.)

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"It was such an honor to be called to action," Phillips told The Hollywood Reporter. She and her "partner in crime," L.A.-based jewelry designer Michael Schmidt, created the original Time's Up logo as well as the pins it will be featured on. And now Phillips is calling on the fashion industry to join in: “I can’t think of anything more appropriate than fashion brands who have built careers on the red carpet donating to the Time’s Up legal fund, because as we’ve learned in the last year, there’s nothing more powerful than how we spend our money,” she says. “I will take notice of these brands and want to do business with them.”

Time's Up has already raised over $13 million from donors (everyone from Taylor Swift to Shonda Rhimes), and—between the pins and the black dresses women are set to wear on the red carpet—Sunday will be its biggest platform yet.

If you would like to donate to the Time's Up defense fund, go here.

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