Let "Fight Song" Singer Rachel Platten DJ Your NYE Party with This Badass Playlist

She's a party-music pro.

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Rachel Platten knows a thing or two about music that makes you feel f—king great. You know, the kind of music that makes you want to jump up on a table and start dancing your ass off...even if that table is, uh, your desk. (See: her debut album, Wildfire.) That's why we asked her for a playlist that'll help us ring in 2016 with a badass bang.

"This is the New Year" by A Great Big World: "I grew up playing with these guys in the Village and it's so amazing to see how far they've come. I remember hearing this song at Mercury Lounge with 50 people around me. I'd look around and just feel like something was happening and I was part of something bigger. Also, there's a pretty tidy connection to the New Year."

"Stronger" by Kanye West: "I think it's important to honor our future president's musical heritage before he retires and leads the Free World."

"Good to be Alive" by Andy Grammer: "Andy is my brother from another mother and this song is such a jam. Seeing it live puts it on a whole other level; he's got a gospel choir, he and his band have killer coordinated dance moves, and the beat drop in the chorus feels really good. Even though he's my friend, I totally FanGirl out when I see it live and stand in the front and wave my hands like an idiot."

"Time of My Life" by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes: "Dirty Dancing. No explanation needed."

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell: "I used to cover this song in the Village in a tiny little bar on MacDougal Street. We used to have a musical hang and all the touring musicians in town would know to go there when they were off tour and we'd all have a jam on Tuesday night. That was the song that got people standing on tables and singing along. It was really fun. It's also one of the only songs where I know all the words when someone asks me to sing at a wedding."

"I Wish" by Stevie Wonder: "Stevie is one of the reasons I started playing piano and singing at the same time. The bass line in I Wish just moves so well and feels so good. Oh, and don't get me started on those horns."

"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" by Bruce Springsteen: "Christmas may already have been over for a week, but I don't really care, this is my favorite Christmas song ever. Also, we used to have full blown sing along dance parties in our kitchen to this song."

"Stand by You" by Rachel Platten: "This a great up and coming pop singer who just came across my radar. She can be sappy at times, but she has trusting eyes and I think she means well. Her song is okay, but she's kind to animals so it deserves at least one listen."

"Like a Prayer" by Madonna: "I made up a dance to this when I was 13 with my cousin and my sister. We unfortunately still perform that dance at family functions and horrify our fathers. Love you, Dad!"

"Going Down For Real" by Flo Rida: "Because every New Years' playlist needs a Flo Rida song."

For more with Rachel Platten, check out our @Play interview with her in Marie Claire's December issue.

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