Watch Constance Wu and Henry Golding Play 'How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star?'

The stars of this summer's blockbuster 'Crazy Rich Asians' Constance Wu and Henry Golding play's party game 'How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star?"

Unless you’ve been living on a remote mountaintop, you’ve at least heard the buzz around the new blockbuster Crazy Rich Asians. Based on the totally addictive book series by Kevin Kwan, this film is a rom-com in the classic mold, with a diverse cast, some gorgeous settings, and wild wealth. The movie is so popular that it’s already got a sequel lined up (based on another book in Kwan’s series).

Oh, and did we mention it stars two incredible lead actors whose chemistry is completely believable? Because that’s the biggest draw, really: Henry Golding and Constance Wu play Nick Young and Rachel Chu, lovebirds who hit a roadblock when she discovers he comes from an exorbitantly wealthy Singaporean family. When he takes her to visit, it comes to light that his megarich family doesn't exactly approve of her humble roots, even though Nick couldn’t care less. You can probably guess how it shakes out, because Crazy Rich Asians is a rom-com dream and Nick and Rachel are the ultimate in relationship goals.

But if you thought that chemistry was relegated to the big screen then just wait: Golding and Wu sat down to play’s favorite party game, “How Well Do You Know Your Costar?” Unsurprisingly, they were very good at it because of course actors who get along that well onscreen must also adore each other IRL.

Check out the video to see why Constance wants to see Henry in The Princess Bride, and how well Henry knows Constance’s Instagram history (Kenny Loggins is involved).