Prince William and Kate Middleton made an appearance at Princess Eugenie's wedding Friday, and these two kids are so in love, it's crazy.

A body language expert breaks it down.

Now that we've recovered from the thigh-hold heard 'round the world, it's time to get in deep with William and Kate's dynamic at the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank today at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. The admittedly "naughty" couple were far too cute at the wedding, looking at bridesmaid Princess Charlotte and page boy Prince George with such pride as they made their way down the aisle in support of their cousin.

Of course, everything was thrilling and exciting for Eugenie today, but Kate managed to blow us away: When she put her hand on his knee, I about fell out of my chair. We've been seeing more affection from our future king and queen, and I wanted to know what was going on underneath the surface. I had a quick chat with Patti Boyd, body language expert and author of Snap! Making the Most of First Impressions Body Language and Charisma, to unpack all of the royal encounters.

"That's a real stabilizing hand on the back, you can see by its location all the way across, all the way to the waist, he likes her close. You can see the bend in the fingers, it's just right, like: 'I anchor you, I like you close,'" Patti told me. Guys. Who would have thought that even finger placement determines your body language? I'm swooning so hard I can't see straight.

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Patti shared her opinions on my favorite PDA moment of 2018: "The length of reach, how far she has to reach to [hold his hand]. Where she is in the chair, and how far the chair is over, but she still wants it and he just wants it to be between the two of them, because it's under the table. She's both giving comfort and getting comfort."

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At this moment, I squealed. Get it, William!

"The fact that her attention otherwise is diverted to somebody else that says that the connection they have–she's stabilizing him and he's stabilizing her, and this is something they do quite often."

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When I asked about how Prince William and Kate's body language has changed since Prince Harry and Meghan got married in May, Patti told me that the duo have definitely changed for the better, and aren't hesitating to be more affectionate with each other, probably because the eyes are off of them.

"I've seen more obvious public displays of affection between them since his brother got engaged. They've been more relaxed about public affection since then, I see more affection between them."

Well, that explains so much.


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