To Colton Underwood's Hair During 'The Bachelor' Finale: Wyd?

Is it the Most Dramatic Season Finale Hair in Bachelor history?

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There were tears. There were lingering hugs. There were (many) concerned glances from Chris Harrison. And, in the most unexpected The Bachelor finale twist of all, Colton Underwood's hair...had some feelings of its own. That's right, folks—Colton's hair has been through a lot, too, and it wants you to know that it didn't make it out okay, either.

I kid, of course. (Well, not about the tears or the lingering hugs. I haven't seen this many of either since last week's episode of This Is Us.) But Colton's hair was looking a little different during the season finale, and Twitter noticed. My take, if you wondered: Colton channelled his nerves over this evening into his hair gel. And, c'mon, the nerves! Imagine facing 29 women you've dumped in one room, including two that you've brutally broken up with in Portugal upon realizing you're in love with someone else. You'd want to pretend to be someone else, too.

I mean, he still looks good. (He's Colton! He always does.) But Twitter had...well, Twitter had thoughts. Like these.


Cameron Diaz Flashbacks




Even Mike Fleiss Commented

And Chris Harrison, Too

One Theory

But! Between Tayshia and Hannah G., Colton apparently flattened his hair a touch.

The Change

All I can say is: I truly hope Colton, his hair, and his beau of choice (if she ends up reconsidering) live happily ever after.

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