"Is Colton Still a Virgin?" Is Literally All Chris Harrison Can Talk About

We definitely heard the word "virgin" more than "Cassie."

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The finale of The Bachelor aired tonight, and my God, there was a collective sigh of relief that Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph somehow, uh, made it work? I guess? Kind of? While we leave those two crazy kids to work it all out on their own time, America (meaning Twitter) had a few choice words for Chris Harrison and his seeming obsession with Colton's virginity, or lack thereof.

I mean, at one point, Chris literally acts like Colton is in this to lose his virginity, and not to fall in love and get engaged at the end. “Will Colton find love or will he remain a virgin forever?" That's... not how it works!!!

It's super uncomfortable. I have never been less invested in anyone losing their virginity than Colton at this point. Like, I don't care if he's a virgin or not. Even when he has a kid, I'll be like wow, I STILL don't care if he's a virgin! Imagine if they ask the new Bachelorette if she's a virgin. It would never happen, but it's just as tone deaf.

After 12 episodes of having virgin talk shoveled down our throats, it felt like Chris Harrison really wanted to milk this last chance, and I'm pretty sure we've heard "virgin" more often in this finale than we've heard "Cassie." And guess what? I'm not alone—Twitter was left super uncomfortable by the near-constant references, too.

Take a word from Dave Coulier, Chris Harrison: Cut. It. Out.

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