Will Tyrion Lannister Be Killed by Bronn With a Crossbow on 'Game of Thrones'?

Nothing personal—it's just karma.

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Game of Thrones spoilers ahead. If you're a longtime fan of Game of Thrones, you probably fall in one of two camps. In the first camp, we have GoT fans who are sick and tired of trying to guess what will happen next because what we think will happen never happens. These people have been theorizing over the show's plot season after season, and they've been wrong almost every single time. They didn't think that Ned Stark would get his head cut off because he was the main character (he did) or that the Night King could ever be defeated (he was). Because they've been wrong so many times, they've given up on trying to figure out how things will play out.

In the second camp are folks who have also been obsessing over the storyline of the series but have not yet tired of trying to predict the next big plot twist. Got a favorite character? Not for long—they're probably going to die, and these fans think they know how it'll happen. They've got theories, and they're ready to talk about them.

Guess which camp I'm a proud part of?

Yes, that's right. I'm back with yet another dark Game of Thrones prediction, this time about the tragic fate of a fandom favorite, one Tyrion Lannister. Per this fan theory, Tyrion is going to reap the murderous seed that he sowed when he killed his father Tywin back in season four, and it's going to be really, really sad.

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To refresh your memory, Tyrion was falsely accused of murder when his nephew Joffrey took a swig of poisoned wine at his own wedding (the poisoning was actually carried out by Lady Olenna), and Cersei sentenced her little brother to death. Tyrion was freed from prison by Jaime, who still has a working moral compass, but before he headed off to join Daenerys and her army in Dragonstone, he made a pit stop at his father's living quarters. There, Tyrion flew into a rage when he realized that Tywin had been wrestling in the sheets with his lady love Shae, and he killed them both in a crime of passion before escaping the scene.

Now, we've been watching Game of Thrones long enough to know that no bad deed goes unpunished, and this latest theory posits that karma is about to come knocking at the youngest Lannister sibling's door. Tyrion has been in a pretty precarious position for quite some time now—he's not exactly in Dany's good graces at the moment, and Cersei just put out a hit on him—so it's possible that his time may very well be up. While it would be a true shame to lose Tyrion, a study of the ironic deaths of other characters hints that it could be curtains for the Dragon Queen's Hand.

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Good old Ned Stark did his fair share of killing in his day, but the public beheading of Gared, a Night's Watch deserter, came back around in a shocking way when he was executed in a similar manner by Ser Ilyn with his own greatsword. Bona fide sociopath Ramsey Bolton had his monster dogs eat his mother and sister alive, but he got what was coming to him when Sansa made sure that he too would be fed to the hounds. Killer grandma Olenna Tyrell gladly took a shot of poison to the head after Jaime discovered that she was responsible for poisoning Joffrey's wine at his wedding to her granddaughter. Littlefinger was sentenced to death by Sansa after years of manipulating her, and Arya slit his throat with the same Valyrian steel dagger he used to threaten Bran's life (and would defeat the Night King). This hasn't happened yet, but it's looking like Dany will go full Mad Queen and be killed by the person closest to her—just like her father.

As you can see, what goes around usually comes back around, and this theory speculates that karma is finally coming for Tyrion. Sellsword Bronn could be the angel of death in this case; Cersei recruited him to hunt down both of her brothers and kill them, requesting that Tyrion be taken out with the same crossbow that he used to gun his father down while the man was on the loo. Talk about going out with a bang!


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Tyrion is a main character in Game of Thrones, beloved for his quick wit and quick thinking, but this show is not above cutting a character's story arc short in order to propel the plot forward. Tyrion's death could be the impetus for a number of important conflicts, specifically the highly anticipated Jaime vs. Cersei face-off. The lovers/twins (still creepy) fell out when Jaime left King's Landing to join up with #Jonaerys in Winterfell, and now that the Night King is out of the way, they'll have to face each other once again. On top of her maybe-baby with murderous snack Euron Greyjoy, Cersei could lose Jaime forever when he finds out about the bounty that she put on her brothers' heads. If Bronn is able to go through with the plan (he actually likes the Lannister boys) and kill Tyrion, Jaime's last bit of love for Cersei would definitely fly out of the window, inciting a rage that could only be quelled by his sister's blood. In his grief and anger, Jaime could kill Cersei with his sword, ultimately fulfilling the valonqar prophecy. Whew.

Honestly, it would be a shame to part ways with Tyrion, but you know...valar morghulis and all that. Nice knowing you, pal.

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