Did The Queen's Brooch for Trump's U.S. Visit Throw Shade This Time Around?

You tell 'em, Your Majesty.

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Everyone loves a shady queen, but we love her even more when that shady queen happens to be actual Queen Elizabeth II. Last year, royal family fans celebrated what they deemed to be a tiny, unassuming victory by Her Majesty, when the Queen seemed to quietly troll the President in her own special way during his visit to London.

If you didn't already know, the Queen’s brooches are kind of a big deal, and are often worn with some kind of significance in mind. During Trump’s time in the U.K. during 2018, Queen Elizabeth opted for three different brooches to complete her regal look on various occasions, and each one was easily interpreted by fans as a very subtle shade-throw in the President’s direction.

The first was a gift from former president and first lady, Barack and Michelle Obama. The second was an instantly recognizable funeral brooch. The third was a special gift given to her from Canada—Britain’s commonwealth country and ally, but not exactly Trump’s number one pal. Oh, girl...

It's a well known fact that the British love their tea, but last year took things to a whole new level. So, with all of that in mind, royal family fans have been patiently waiting to see how Lizzy might deliver an eye-roll in the form of priceless jewelry this time around. Unfortunately, it seems that we’ve all been left hanging a little.

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For her first meeting with President Trump this time, outside Buckingham Palace on Monday morning, we were instead given a much simpler brooch choice, with Her Majesty selecting an old faithful for her day out with the U.S. visitors.

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This time it’s one of her go-to choices, the Cambridge emerald brooch, which once belonged to Queen Mary. The stunning piece features a central cabachon emerald surrounded by two circles of diamonds, with a large drop emerald as a detachable pendant, attached with a chain of diamonds in a leaf shape. It’s her fave for green or teal outfits, so it makes sense that she’s selected it to match her muted jade green Stewart Parvin look today.

Some fans are speculating that it could be a case of "Meh, it wasn't worth getting the super fancy brooch collection out, Donald". Others, meanwhile, are guessing that, with its very regal history, the Cambridge emerald could be a gentle reminder that "Excuse me, I am very much the royal one here, tyvm."

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It seems to be a fairly shade free morning so far, but you never know. Maybe Her Majesty will reach the top of the stairs, pull off said brooch and throw it down the stairs, like Tyrion in Game of Thrones. Now that would be good.

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