Tyler Cameron's Modeling Career Pre-'The Bachelorette' Was Legit

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Tyler Cameron, who (tiny spoiler for The Bachelorette ahead) is a frontrunner on Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season, is...mega-hot. There's no other word for it! I'm sorry, I don't make the rules. And, surprising exactly no one, he used to be a model after an injury ended his football career. So here, I present to you my thirsty appreciation of the modeling career that was Tyler C.s's side hustle before he became full time eye candy for every Bachelorette fan.

Here are his stats.

Tyler's represented by Next Models in Miami, Soul Artist MGMT in New York. Tyler is 6'2" (that is a TALL gentleman, right there) and is a 40L in a suit. There is a preeeeetty phenomenal catalogue of photos at this link, if you care to peruse. Trust me, you do. Same with his portfolio at Soul Artist, although interestingly they list his eyes as green, vs. Next Models listing them as blue. Hannah, report back to me definitively.

And here is his headshot.

Exhibit A:

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Hi 📷: @notbaileysondag

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Aaaand Exhibit B:

Those eyes look blue, to me? But what do I know.

The majority of the shots we can use are from his Instagram profile (it looks like he might have had to delete/archive some of them, which is a crying shame). I have pulled some of the best of what I could find. You are most welcome. I am willing to sacrifice.

One lucky cardigan.

Tyler actually has quite good style on the show, including a pretty fabulous cardigan in episode 2. He wears it well.

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Had an amazing time shooting with @rickdaynyc

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The athlete pose.

Here, he looks more like a swimmer. I mean, his athleticism cannot be denied.

And here, a volleyball player.

Business casual.

Just imagine being in a meeting with him.

Beach bum.

I mean, CLEARLY nothing about this man screams bum—I cannot even imagine the work to get those abs.

Everything about this is hot.

Literally, figuratively, all of it. Phew.

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And I’m back 📷: #andregabb

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Come fix my car?

Actually, one of the things I quite like about Tyler is that he has some personality and a sense of humor to match his obvious good looks. Here, he jokes about how he can absolutely not fix your car, but will look pretty amazing doing it.

White jeans, please.

This is lovely:

Look at that tushie!! I'm sorry, that was crass, I'll behave myself. (Look at that tushie.)

Also, Tyler was totally wearing tight white pants on the show, and Hannah made a grab for said tushie. "Behave, girl," he laughed (hence the caption on that photo). Hannah, I have never felt so closely aligned with you in my life.

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