Who Is Tyler Cameron, Vying for Hannah Brown's Heart on The Bachelorette?

He could be a major frontrunner.

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Spoilers for The Bachelorette ahead. Current Bachelorette Hannah Brown/Hannah Beast, whom I love, is almost done with her season. Shooting started in March, and the show finale airs in late July, so things are about to wrap up. But we already know that Hannah's season is going to be a whirlwind, and we also know a little about her contestants. One of her frontrunners might be Tyler Cameron, a.k.a. Tyler C., who's rumored by Bachelorverse expert Reality Steve to have made it to the final four and hometown dates.

There's even some photo evidence of this, and it looks like Tyler and Hannah have a great, uh, physical connection. But: Will they make it through to the end of the show? Let's explore what we know so far!

He's from Jupiter, Florida.

We know this from his original bio page on Facebook (we also know that he's 26 years old, so a little older than Hannah). Another reason we know this is because Hannah and Tyler were seen on a hometown date in his hometown, and Tyler was shirtless. The pics are pretty great; you can see them via Reality Steve here. There was a jump-hug (here), and then they went snorkeling (here). It looks like an incredible time, but TBD on how the meet-the-parents situation went.

From his Bachelorette bio, we also know how he likes to spend his free time: "When he's not working, he's spending time with his family, scuba diving and hanging out with his rescue dog, Harley." Do we know how Hannah feels about dogs? Because they seem important to winning Tyler's heart.

Also, this! "Tyler LOVES to dance. He says his friends get embarrassed by how intense he gets on the dance floor, but he doesn't care." Is there some dorky dancing ahead for the couple? (I mean, you know Hannah is a dorky dancer, too. It's basically guaranteed.)

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Also of note, his Facebook page currently has a Biblical quote: "Through Love, Serve One Another - Galatians 5:13." We know Hannah is religious as well, so that could be another connection between the two.

Fans dig him, big time.

Post-show, Tyler's been hosting group runs that have turned out to be very popular:

Tyler CameronInstagram
Tyler CameronInstagram

LOOK at all those people (mostly girls) around him and Nick Viall. I love this—clearly, Tyler's popularly is not limited to just social media, although he's also really popular there too. He's been spending a good amount of time with Nick Viall, including this very interesting exchange with none other than the Bachelorette herself:

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Hookup jokes FTW! And while he's staying mum about his relationship with Hannah now or in the future (spoilers at that link), we're absolutely going to see him on our TV screens in the future, I think.

Here's more detail on this fan favorite.

He has his MBA.

We know that Tyler went to Wake Forest for undergrad and Florida Atlantic University for his MBA. Reality Steve says he was the backup quarterback on the Wake Forest football team for two years, then he transferred to Florida Atlantic where he played wide receiver. Since we now have his Bachelorette bio, we also got confirmation of this: "This stud has his MBA from Florida Atlantic University and kills it as a general contractor in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida." I mean, we also know that he's really confident, if he wrote that bio himself.

His Facebook cover photo is him playing football:

According to his bio, "Tyler was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens but had to leave football because of a bad shoulder injury." It looks as though the football thing was a real trajectory for a while.

He's also a model, repped by three agencies. Here's his headshot (very nice) and his Instagram has tons of shots like these:

View this post on Instagram

Glad to have the warm weather back....

A post shared by Tyler Cameron (@tylerjcameron3) on

So maybe just go check out his account, is all I'm saying.

He's super-funny.

Tyler's shown a self-awareness about his own performance on the show:

And he's been engaging with Bachelor Nation, retweeting memes, videos, and other jokes from this (crazy-dramatic) season:

Which I absolutely love. Cute and a sense of humor? Phew. (In case it wasn't clear, I absolutely think he's really, really good-looking.)

He had a musical one-on-one date with Hannah.

Early pre-show photos leaked from their one-on-one date, which partly consisted of watching musician Jake Owen. It was a public event, so people snapped photos of the couple that showed them making out—a lot of those pictures got taken down, though. They have phenomenal chemistry, clearly.

And now we have footage (weirdly, without Tyler and Hannah dancing on stage, which was including in the episode):

He got plenty of screen time right away.

In his intro video, we got a firsthand of that dorky dancing that Tyler teased in his bio. It was just as derpy as expected, FYI, and I appreciated it. It would be very easy for Tyler to fall back on his chiseled good looks, but the fact that he doesn't take himself too seriously makes me smile.

In episode 2, he also snuck up behind Cam, who was busily talking to the camera after just crashing a group date like it was no big thing, and calmly and somewhat passively calling him out on it. He was the first of a few guys to trickle out and calmly bash Cam to his face, and it was highly entertaining. Tyler and his cardigan were the best of all of them, though.

Sadly, Tyler was not a part of the Speedo group date—patience, everyone, the shirtlessness is coming—but he did join the other bachelors in "skating" (read: falling everywhere) at the derby. His team lost, and he proclaimed himself a sore loser. Dude, everyone lost, like one person stayed upright the entire time.

Other than that, it's been a relatively quiet run for Tyler thus far, but I think he's hanging back and letting some of the crazies do their thing. In one preview, Hannah admired his butt—SAME, Hannah:

And Tyler is showing up in footage throughout the season, which bodes well for his rose-related future, I think.

He opened up to Hannah about his family.

In his one-on-one in episode 4, Hannah admitted she initially pegged him as a "little player," which, ouch, Hannah! I mean, I get it, but still. Tyler totally rolled with it. He admitted that this past year has been really tough on him, as his dad got really sick and he helped take care of him until he recovered—and he almost didn't come on the show because of it. He was really clear that he's in a point where he's accepting of himself and ready to commit to something serious; Also, his dad is a huge Hannah fan, which I love.

Also worth noting: Tyler reacted in the absolute perfect way on Hannah's date, after she admitted she was in a really bad place. He supported her, didn't set any expectations, was really sweet and gentle, and then proceeded to give the most swoonworthy speech that was so romantic a Bachelorette fan turned it into a song:

Yea. That happened.

He made it to the final four.

According to Reality Steve, he's made it through several rounds of elimination and joins Luke, Jed, and Peter for the final stages of the show.

In terms of spoilers, we know that Hannah went to Greece to film overnights and it is suspected that she has chosen her man, although obviously Hannah herself is keeping mum about the whole situation beyond admitting she's "happy." Reality Steve originally predicted Tyler wasn't the frontrunner and Luke was—but it's still anyone's game until that final rose.

He's still a contender.

I won't get into the spoilers of Hannah's season here—it's insane, and well worth it to watch it play out in awkward real time—but fans absolutely love him on the show.

Let's just say that there is an equally good chance that he could end up winning Hannah's heart at the end of the day, or, if not, that he would be the easiest and probably most intuitive pick to be The Bachelor (a few potential spoilers at that link).

He's continued to support Hannah after the show.

Tyler's been in Hannah's corner the entire time, including after she got backlash for not sending Luke Parker home/dating multiple guys:

Dating multiple guys is the premise of the show, but whatever—Tyler's response is adorable. Interestingly, Hannah liked that tweet. I'm sure she appreciated the support; Not all bachelors have been as vocally supportive of her.

Hannah also liked this tweeted reply:

Again, this could mean absolutely nothing, buuuut I love that she's agreeing that Tyler is wonderful. Same, girlfriend.

Tyler liked a Twitter user who encouraged him to go get his "girl" Hannah in late June (before crazy news broke about some of the other bachelors):

And Tyler also liked a pro-Hannah tweet from Entertainment Tonight Bachelorverse expert Lauren Zima just last week:

So, I think we can infer from that at the very least that Tyler's aware of what's going on in the show and outside the show. No matter what craziness has been going on around Hannah, and regardless of the show's outcome, Tyler is Team Hannah. I really, really love that.

He's supportive of other important causes.

Tyler's also attracted attention recently for being in support of non-Bachelorette-related social issues:

And most recently tweeted his support of the U.S. women's soccer team:

Which, again, is just icing on the cake. And, not to mention, Reality Steve hasn't spotted any negative rumors about his pre-show, or post-show, life. Considering that two prominent bachelors this season have gotten into hot water in this exact area (go here and here to read the spoilers) this is great news for Tyler, and us.

He was the epitome of respect during overnights.

Hannah admitted during her date with Tyler that she wanted to focus on their emotional connection, rather than the physical aspects (I am so impressed, because I dunno if I'd have the restraint), and Tyler responded in probably the most perfect way imaginable: "You have to really love and respect an honor each other's boundaries. I would never press you or pressure you at all. I want you to be 100 percent comfortable and confident in whatever we do together," he said, although reading the full speech at that link is really worth it. Hannah said he was the most respectful guy she'd ever dated. So, you know, that's another thing we can love about him.

Go here to read every spoilery thing we know about this season.

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