Who Is Tyler Cameron, Vying for Hannah Brown's Heart on The Bachelorette?

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Spoilers for The Bachelorette ahead. Current Bachelorette Hannah Brown/Hannah Beast, whom I love, is almost done with her season. Shooting started in March, and the show airs May 13, so things are about to wrap up. But we already know that Hannah's season is going to be a whirlwind, and we also know a little about her contestants. One of her frontrunners might be Tyler Cameron, a.k.a. Tyler C., who's rumored by Bachelorverse expert Reality Steve to have made it to the final four and hometown dates.

There's even some photo evidence of this, and it looks like Tyler and Hannah have a great, uh, physical connection. But: Will they make it through to the end of the show? Let's explore what we know so far!

He's from Jupiter, Florida.

We know this from his original bio page on Facebook (we also know that he's 26 years old, so a little older than Hannah). Another reason we know this is because Hannah and Tyler were seen on a hometown date in his hometown, and Tyler was shirtless. The pics are pretty great; you can see them via Reality Steve here. There was a jump-hug (here), and then they went snorkeling (here). It looks like an incredible time, but TBD on how the meet-the-parents situation went.

From his Bachelorette bio, we also know how he likes to spend his free time: "When he's not working, he's spending time with his family, scuba diving and hanging out with his rescue dog, Harley." Do we know how Hannah feels about dogs? Because they seem important to winning Tyler's heart.

Also, this! "Tyler LOVES to dance. He says his friends get embarrassed by how intense he gets on the dance floor, but he doesn't care." Is there some dorky dancing ahead for the couple? (I mean, you know Hannah is a dorky dancer, too. It's basically guaranteed.)

He has his MBA.

Although his Instagram is now set to private, sadly, we still know that he went to Wake Forest for undergrad and Florida Atlantic University for his MBA. Reality Steve says he was the backup quarterback on the Wake Forest football team for two years, then he transferred to Florida Atlantic where he played wide receiver. Since we now have his Bachelorette bio, we also got confirmation of this: "This stud has his MBA from Florida Atlantic University and kills it as a general contractor in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida." I mean, now we also know that he's really confident, if he wrote that bio himself.

There's very little that's public on his social media anymore, but his Facebook cover photo is him playing football:

According to his bio, "Tyler was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens but had to leave football because of a bad shoulder injury." Whoa, so the football thing was a real trajectory for a while, apparently.

He's also a model, repped by three agencies. Here's his headshot (very nice).

He had a musical one-on-one date with Hannah.

Apparently their date (or at least a part of their date) was watching musician Jake Owen. It was a public event, so people snapped photos of the couple that showed them making out—a lot of those pictures got taken down, though.

At least we know they have good chemistry!

He's made it to the final four.

According to Reality Steve, he's made it through several rounds of elimination and joins Luke, Jed, and Peter for the final stages of the show.

Hannah's now in Greece filming overnights and is now down to her final two, but it's not clear whether Tyler made the cut. Reality Steve originally predicted Tyler wasn't the frontrunner and Luke was—but it's still anyone's game until that final rose. Go here to read every spoilery thing we know about this season.

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