'The Office' Is Leaving Netflix For Good

"Everybody, stay calm!" —Michael Scott

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The sands of time are slowly dwindling for your favorite after-work activity: a generous glass of wine, a party size bag of Cheetos and an episode or four of The Office on Netflix. Yes, to the horror and dismay of devoted Dunder Mifflin fans across the nation, Netflix announced on Twitter that the show will finally be leaving the platform. At least you’ll have approximately 8,000 Office GIFs immediately to hand to express just how upsetting this news is?

There’s no need to quit your job to dedicate your precious time to re-watching all nine seasons just yet, however: The show will remain on Netflix until January 2021, which is plenty of time to get through all 201 episodes about four times each. What’s more, you can still access the most reliably comforting show out there after that date, providing you’re willing to pony up for NBCUniversal’s new streaming service, which will launch in 2020.

According to the NBCUniversal press release, The Office is the most streamed on-demand show, watched for a collective 52 billion minutes in 2018 (be honest: how many millions of minutes can you, personally, take credit for?) It’s so popular, in fact, that in April 2019, it accrued almost double the views of the second most popular streaming show. So it’s pretty unsurprising that NBC might want their creation for their own platform, even if it means adding one more streaming bill to our collective budgets.

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A quick trawl through the Office cast’s social media accounts turned up no responses to the news, by the way (let’s assume they’ll get free access to NBCUniversal for their future wine-and-Cheetos viewings). Howver, Rainn Wilson—that’s Dwight Schrute himself—did tweet a disturbing image of a human skull made of ham and what appear to be pickled onions, captioned only, “Jon Hamm.” So…make of that what you will, I guess.

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