Are John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams From 'Bachelor In Paradise' Together?

TayPJ forever...?

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Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones were the couple that nobody watching Bachelor in Paradise saw coming. JPJ is, at his core, a dude: Think surfer vibes, shirtlessness, sandals. But he's also sometimes sweet and funny, trying to quote Shakespeare from memory (which went badly) and laughing hysterically at just about everything (even after puking from hot sauce). Adams is polished, sweet, honest, loves her shade, in the best way, and open-hearted—but totally different. And yet, Adams was totally charmed against her will and got on the JPJ train on BiP—before breaking up with him before overnights. Then, she flew to Maryland to woo him post-show.

It was a long road, TBH, and now there are...rumors...that things are not good in the world of their relationship right now. Let us examine the evidence so far, and we'll keep this post updated.

The two posted last night, but it felt...muted.


After the BiP finale, JPJ posted a picture of Adams with him and friends, with the caption, "Surprise!" And that was it. He also posted on his Instagram Stories a video of the two of them at Good Morning America, with the caption "Ms. TayTay."

Adams posted something with their moniker (TayPJ! It rolls off the tongue) and interestingly, on her Stories, a video of her watching her post-show interaction with JPJ on the BiP finale with dark shades and her jean jacket pulled up to hide her face as if she's embarrassed. Granted, that could just be from watching herself on the TV? But it is a weird reaction to have. 

Compare that to, say, Dylan Barbour's post about him and Hannah Godwin, and how much MORE effusive it is. Remember, the contestants are no longer bound by secrecy. They can share however much they like about their relationships.

So by comparison, something is up with TayPJ.


After the seeming trials and tribulations of Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski (guys, they looked miserable, and I'm worried), turns out that was a bit of a fakeout from the couple we really should be worried about. 

Yikes. That would...certainly put things in perspective, TBH. This may have been a coincidence, but on last night's reunion BiP episode, Chris Harrison brought up JPJ's weird, seemingly unjustified rant about Derek Peth's off-show behavior with fans—something JPJ did loudly and publicly, and at Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson's wedding, no less. Whether the criticism against Peth has any truth to it or not, the footage shows that JPJ raised his voice, wouldn't let Peth talk, and admitted he had no evidence to support his rant (the whole thing seemed more about the fact that Peth and Adams were vibing, and that pissed JPJ off).

I myself wasn't a fan of his behavior, and the show highlighted how dumb JPJ looked in that moment. So, if I had to guess, I worry that some aspect of that behavior might have trickled into their post-show relationship. I'm also fully speculating—but I admit that the outburst kind of made me feel bummed about him, and the relationship's future.

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