Blog Crush: The Bloggess

Jenny Lawson is hilarious, snarky, witty, totally inappropriate, and "Like Mother Teresa, Only Better"...and she's our Blog Crush of the Week, this week and every week. We first stumbled upon her on Twitter and plotted ways to make her our best friend after laughing out loud at gems like these:

She's not just entertaining though; she'll also keep you up-to-date on on world events and holidays. Like Daylight Savings Time.

She's funny in over-140-character posts too. Over on her blog, she chats about topics like parenting (her mantra: "As parents we need to celebrate the small victories. Did your kid make it through pre-school without needing hooks for hands? Success!") and religion:

Much of her daily musings are hilarious in that you-had-to-be-there way, so go be there. And check out her new advice column -- though she warns you, she's "even less qualified than Dr. Phil".

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