'The Haunting of Hill House' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Expect a whole new storyline—and some familiar faces.


One of the (many, many) good things coming in 2020: The second season of hit Netflix show The Haunting of Hill House. While it feels like forever since we've had a good scare dealing with the Crain family's antics, we're getting closer to revisiting our favorite dysfunctional, haunted group of actors. (Well, some of them—more on that in a minute.)

When the show dropped on Netflix in October of 2018, it was an instant hit. Critics praised it for "blending incredibly smart family drama with some of the most terrifying imagery you’ve seen in a very long time" and serving as "a story of repressed trauma and family discord." It made stars of its cast, including newcomer Victoria Pedretti (who you can catch in Netflix's other creepy cult favorite, You), who played Eleanor (Nell) Crain, and Henry Thomas, also known as Elliott in E.T, who played patriarch Hugh Crain.

We don't have a release date for season two yet, but we do have some exciting details about what to expect, and we gotta warn you—things seem totally different this time around.

Season two is based on a Henry James book.

Yes, my die-hard fans, it's time to say goodbye to the Crain family. The first season was an adaption of the 1959 Shirley Jackson novel of the same name that featured a family who grew up in a haunted house and were forced to confront ghosts from their past—in every sense—when their youngest sister, Eleanor, committed suicide.

This time around, the show is sporting a new name, The Haunting of Bly Mansion, and will be inspired by Henry James' 1898 short novel, The Turn of the Screw. The book is set in an old country mansion. The plot: Two young orphans are cared for by a young governess, who narrates the story—and, well, things get creepy.

Recently Carla Gugino, who played Olivia Crain in the show, said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter she believes creator Mike Flanagan has closed the book on the family's story. "Mike Flanagan said he would be interested in the notion of an anthology, where some actors come back to play different characters," she explained. "I think he feels like he has told the complete story of the Crain family."

n that way, the setup of season two feels similar to Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story anthology, which features completely different storylines every season but many of the same actors.

It has a new logo.

There's nothing like a great trailer to tease what is going to come, but, uh, that isn't out yet, nor is the release date. Thankfully, we do have an idea of what the new logo of this season will look like. Netflix tweeted the image in the announcement that season two would come out in 2020.

It's possible that Netflix is shooting for a Halloween release date, as it did for season one. If it came out in October, this would be exactly two years after the release of season one.

There are new faces and old ones.

Netflix FYSEE Event for "Haunting of Hill House"
Henry Thomas, Victoria Pedretti, and Kate Siegel.
Emma McIntyreGetty Images

If you loved the cast from season one, good news—some of your favorites are returning for the new season. Flanagan took to Twitter this past summer to let viewers know who would star in the new season.

Returning favorites include Henry Thomas, who played young Hugh Crain, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who took on the role of Luke Crain, and fan-favorite Kate Siegel, who is known for her iconic one-liners in the part of Theodora Crain. Victoria Pedretti is also returning to the series, uploading a video to share the news.

As for those fresh faces, Flanagan has already found the actors who will play Miles and Flora. The new kids on the block (literally) are Benjamin Ainsworth and Amelie Smith, who will play the two orphans.

They'll be accompanied by Rahul Kohli from the CW's Supergirl and T'Nia Miller from HBO's Years and Years; newcomers Amelia Eve and Catherine Parker will also join the cast. While it hasn't been announced who all these people will play (besides Miles and Flora), Flanagan has named them all as leads.

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