Is 'The Bachelor' On This Week?

Bring me my rose-related drama, please.

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Spoilers through episode 6 of The BachelorHas there ever been a sadder moment: You get in your PJs, wine and popcorn at the ready (S.O. optional—for some reason my husband loves to watch with me, bless him). You settle in for two hours of ridiculous drama that in no way is connected to your real life or any dreadful politics. You turn on ABC...and realize that the show has changed it up on you and actually isn't airing an episode this week. I maintain that the realization is earth-shattering, and it has for sure happened to me more than once. Luckily, I have your back—if you really want to know, here's what we have for a confirmed Bachelor schedule, and we'll keep it updated. 

Yes, it's on this week.

Phew! The season's seventh episode will air as usual on Monday, February 10, from 8 to 10 p.m. EST. I'm just gonna excerpt the release for you for the details:

The pressure mounts as hometown dates loom, but first Peter and the remaining six women travel to beautiful Lima. After a supportive conversation with his mom, Peter is inspired to pay the women a surprise visit for a serious chat. How will they respond to his wake-up call to focus on their feelings? Madison and Peter come to a make-or-break moment in their relationship after a magical day together. Peter and Natasha spend a whirlwind day shopping, eating and having fun, but will the chemistry be there? Kelsey has a family secret she dares to share with the charming pilot, but will she get a rose and a hometown date? The dreaded three-on-one date pits one confident woman against two panic-stricken bachelorettes. The tough decisions are just beginning for Peter, as four women prepare to take him home to meet their families.


Here's the schedule we have right now.

Confirmed by ABC, we also know we'll get episode eight on Monday, February 17, 8 to 10 p.m. EST. This is right when the show starts to change things up on us a bit, and the finale is usually a two-day affair on a Monday and Tuesday in mid-March. That's speculation, though, and there are always a few little scheduling surprises in there (remember the double episode we just got?). And we'll update when we know more. You're welcome!

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