Chelsea Handler Shows Us Her Dreamy Bookshelf in 'Shelf Portrait'

Chelsea Handler's massive bookshelf is every book lover's dream, and one of her favorite authors is Haruki Murakami. These are just a couple tidbits we learn from the comedian and actress in Marie Claire's latest episode of Shelf Portrait, where celebrities, influencers, and famous bookworms invite us inside their homes to show off their personal libraries.

During the tour, Handler reveals she recently read Isabel Wilkerson's Caste, which she (and Oprah!) highly recommend. For a much lighter read, she loves David Sedaris's collection of short stories, Naked, that Handler says is "f*cking funny" and "will make you laugh." Additionally, she has a deep appreciation for Pachinko by Min Jin Lee and the biography of Fredrick Douglass, which she finally finished. There are, however, some books she's embarrassed she hasn't read in full, like Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children.

Watch Handler's full Shelf Portrait video, above, to see her dreamy bookshelf for yourself, then order some of her favorite books, below.

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