The Cast of 'Generation' Plays 'How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star'

The stars prove how much they bonded on-set of their new HBO Max series.

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(Image credit: HBO, Warrick Page)

It would be fair to assume that the cast of a new television show—in this case, HBO Max's Genera+ion—would still be in the early phases of getting to know each other, compared to the stars of, for instance, a multi-season sitcom like The Office or Modern Family, where the casts had close to a decade to get to know each other's quirks, bad habits, and deepest secrets. But for the stars of the new teen dramedy—about the Gen Z experience in a Los Angeles high school—just a few months was more than enough time to build an inseparable bond.

Need proof? Watch our "How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star" trivia challenge, featuring Lukita Maxwell, Chloe East, Haley Sanchez, Nathanya Alexander, and Uly Schlesinger. The actors rarely hesitate when asked probing questions about each other's tattoos, favorite fast-food restaurants, guilty reality TV preferences, and slightly embarrassing musical tastes (hint: there's a Black Eyes Peas stan in the group).

And to catch more of the cast's undeniable chemistry, watch the first three episodes of Genera+ion, now available on HBO Max.



(Image credit: Jonathan Hession)