The 'Who Killed Sara?' Filming Locations Are as Lavish as the Show

Your guide to the Lazcanos' Mexico—including the infamous lake.

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Netflix's hit thriller, Who Killed Sara?, a.k.a. ¿Quién mató a Sara?, premiered on March 24 and quickly rose to the number two spot on Netflix's top 10. The series follows the revenge journey of Alex Guzmán as he investigates the death of his sister Sara, for which he was wrongfully convicted. After 18 years in jail, Alex goes after the powerful Lazcano family, who he suspects played a part in Sara's death. The shows has viewers hooked with its slow-burn reveals that provide more questions than answers about which of the Lazcanos were involved in Sara's death. Amid the action, viewers have also been awestruck at the show's gorgeous setting, which features multiple lavish hotels, clubs and resorts.

Who Killed Sara? is a Mexican production and was filmed in real-life locations across Mexico, including its capital Mexico City and the beach town Acapulco. Viewers can trace the plot of Who Killed Sara? through many of its filming locations, including the glamorous hotels and casinos and the infamous lake (or should I say crime scene?).

Most of Who Killed Sara? takes place in Mexico City.

According to a Netflix representative who spoke with Decider, most of the series was filmed in Mexico City. It makes sense for the wealthy Lazcanos to be based in the country's capital and nexus of power, and the show includes aerial shots showing the winding city streets and skyscrapers.

While the indoor scenes were mostly shot on private property, the show was true to the lifestyle of the affluent in Mexico City. If you want to party like the Lazcanos, the city has many options—plenty of well-known hotels and clubs, and over 300 casinos. Also, for the streaming enthusiasts: Mexico City is also the location of Netflix's Latin American headquarters.

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The flashbacks at the lake were filmed in Valle de Bravo.

The show includes several flashbacks to the lakeside weekend when Sara died, as Alex unravels the details of her parasailing accident. Those scenes were filmed at Lake Avándaro in Valle de Bravo, a town two hours west of Mexico City.

According to Architectural Digest, Valle de Bravo is a retreat for Mexico City's elite residents, complete with art galleries, gourmet restaurants, and trendy clubs. There are also multiple options for paragliding above the sparkling lake...if all those flashbacks haven't scared you off.

Some resort scenes may have been filmed in Acapulco.

The series includes scenes of the Lazcanos frequenting lavish beach resorts. Cinemaholic suggests that some of these scenes may have been filmed in the coastal city of Acapulco, Mexico's largest beach resort city. Historically a must-see destination, it has recently been affected by cartel activity—but crime has been on the decline of late, and the city has seen an increase in tourists. The city is host to a Mexican reality TV series called Acapulco Shore, which is releasing its eighth season in April.

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