'Who Killed Sara' Season 2: Everything We Know

Answers are coming as soon as May.

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Spoilers for the first season of Who Killed Sara?Netflix's newest hit show, the Mexican crime thriller Who Killed Sara?, aka ¿Quién mató a Sara?, is a revenge drama with telenovela leanings about an underdog that takes on a powerful Mexican family. The show follows Alex Guzmán, played by Manolo Cardona from Narcos, who was wrongly convicted for his sister Sara's death as a teenager. Finally released after 18 years in jail, he sets out to get answers about Sara's death and take revenge against the powerful Lazcano family, who he believes are responsible for Sara's death. Through Alex's investigation and flashbacks to the summer of Sara's murder, we learn that various members of the Lazcano family had reason to kill Sara, and over 10 episodes Alex goes after them one by one. As he becomes entwined with the Lazcanos over the course of the series, both Alex and the audience end up with more questions than answers.

The season ends in a typical Netflix cliffhanger, and–spoiler for the end of Who Killed Sara? season one–we don't actually learn who killed Sara. Luckily, Netflix has already announced that the second season will come out soon—as soon as May 19 this year, in fact. Season two will bring new cast members and, most likely, new suspects for Alex to investigate. Here's everything we know so far about the second season of Who Killed Sara?.

When does season 2 of Who Killed Sara come out?

Netflix announced on March 29, five days after the show's release, that season two of Who Killed Sara? will premiere on May 19, 2021. The first season was a breakout hit, earning the number one spot in Netflix's top 10 in the days following its release.

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Which of the actors will return?

Most of the principal cast members are confirmed to return, including Alex (Cardona) and Sara Guzman (Ximena Lamadrid), the Lazcano patriarch César (Ginés García Millán), the matriarch Mariana (Claudia Ramírez), and the Lazcano children Elisa (Carolina Miranda), José María aka Chema (Eugenio Siller) and Rodolfo (Alejandro Nones). The extended cast is set to return as well, except for those who died in season one.

Are there new cast members?

Joining the cast for season two are Daniel Giménez Cacho, Matías Novoa and Antonio de la Vega, per Netflix.

What will season 2 be about?

At the end of season one, the list of suspects for Sara's death seem to be whittled down to one: Mariana Lazcano, who found out that Sara was pregnant with her husband Cesar's baby. We see Mariana encourage Sara to try parasailing, and then order her surrogate son/lackey Elroy to tamper with the parachute and make sure Sara was the first one to use it. We don't see Elroy do it—and we see him tell Mariana later, "I couldn't do it." What he meant is unclear, but telenovelas tend to operate under a firm rule: If they don't show an important moment on screen, we can't be sure it actually happened.

While the first season set up the world of the Lazcanos and the circumstances around Sara's death, the season two trailer shows that the focus will be on Sara herself and the secrets she kept before her death. In the last episode of season one, Alex found Sara's journal, which showed that she was having thoughts of dying by suicide. After reading the journal, he calls his love interest, Eliza Lazcano, claiming that they were wrong about everything. He also hints that the tampered parachute, which he's spent all season believing caused Sara's death, may not have actually killed Sara.

Could Sara be alive?

It's definitely a twist that would match the show's telenovela leanings—rich family, passionate sex, all the cheating. The actress who plays Sara has a prominent role in the trailer, which could mean that the season has Sara emerging from just showing in flashbacks to becoming part of the main story. Plus, it would give Alex a whole new set of revenge goals.

If the "Sara's alive" theory ends up being true, it would bring up another big question: what happened to Sara's baby? The revelation that the baby's father was Cesar is Mariana's motive, after all. Some fans think that if Sara survived, her baby may be Bruno, the troubled son of Rodolfo's wife, Sofia. If this is true, it would explain the way Cesar treats Bruno more like a son than a step-grandson. It would also mean that there's another Lazcano heir, putting Bruno into conflict with his adoptive father Rodolfo. Whether or not Bruno is Cesar's new heir, hopefully the kid will stay strong against Cesar's attempts to "raise" him, or turn him into a mini-Cesar.

What have the cast and crew said about season two?

Sadly, the cast and crew of Who Killed Sara? have not said much about a potential second season. They've given a limited number of interviews, mostly conducted before the season one premiere. Cardona told the website Geek Vibes Nation that he's proud to star in a show that brings a new type of storytelling to Latin America.

"We're not afraid to [make] this kind of genre, a mystery thriller that we're used to seeing it from the States or from the U.K. or from Europe. We're not afraid as storytellers to go and jump into the water and do the kind of shows that we were not used to seeing in Latin America. Now we have a story that is transforming that. This is a series from Mexico with love to the world," said Cardona.


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