Who Is Marvin From 'Too Hot to Handle' 2021?

Get to know the charming Parisian.

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Google, how do you say "I'm in love" in French? Thanks to Netflix, we've found ourselves with a new Parisian beau: Marvin Anthony. The Frenchman enters Too Hot to Handle season 2 with plenty of confidence, charm, and commitment problems, making for an A+ viewing experience for fans of the Netflix dating show. But while Marvin has no problem speaking the language of love, Lana's rules quickly show him it takes more than a six-pack to make lasting connections. Here's everything we know about Marvin from Too Hot to Handle, from his impressive resumé to his height.

Who is Marvin from Too Hot to Handle?

Marvin is a 26-year-old Aries hailing from (if you couldn't already tell by the accent) Paris, France. He's 6'4"—a fact he's so proud of he displays it prominently in his Instagram bio. He's a talented dancer who loves to show off his moves on his TikTok; he boasts almost 200K followers on the social media platform.

What does Marvin do?

Unsurprisingly, he's a model (having previously repped brands like Puma and Hugo Boss). According to Netflix, Marvin also holds masters degree in finance and started his own concierge business. As if that weren't enough, the reality star is also an athlete. He reportedly played basketball at the highest level in France.

How does Marvin do on Too Hot to Handle?

We're not going to lie, Marvin has a tough time during his early days at the resort. While Melinda quickly sets her sights on him, Marvin continues to be tempted by other ladies and things get messy when jealousy comes into play. He also continues to make dents in Lana's prize money, struggling to keep his hands and/or mouth to himself. Can Marvin get it together or will Lana bid him adieu? Catch the new episodes, streaming June 30, to find out.



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