MUSIC: What to Listen to Now


You're My Lover Now, The Teeth

(Park the Van Records)

We could give you lots of reasons to listen to Philly's alt-pop band The Teeth-loopy arrangements, tight rhythms, serious-silly lyrics, comparisons to '60s pop and '70s glam rock-but you just need to know one thing: The Teeth are for people who relish music and life.

DOWNLOAD: "Molly Make Him Pay"


The Bird of Music, Au Revoir Simone

(Our Secret Record Company)

If the Keebler elves' job were to make music rather than cookies, they would have come up with this album. Three beautiful Brooklynites, armed with as many keyboards, a drum machine, and will-o'-the-wisp voices, are responsible for this ethereal electronic goodness.

DOWNLOAD: "Sad Song"


I Am, Chrisette Michele

(Island Def Jam)

Declaration time: 24-year-old Chrisette Michele is the freshest air to hit R&B since John Legend-old-school pipes and all. Channeling Billie Holiday, she delivers a debut album full of jazz - and hip hop-infused cuts meant to-and sure to-empower women. (To-do list for the ladies: Let go of baggage; achieve financial independence.) She is Chrisette, hear her roar.

DOWNLOAD: "Good Girl"

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