The 15 Best Audiobooks of 2021 (So Far)

Sit back, relax, and let someone else read you the biggest books of the year.

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It's the same story every year: You promise yourself that this will be the year you finally get back to reading and start chipping away at your years-long TBR list, only to find yourself most nights opening Netflix rather than a new novel. Not judging—we've all been there—but if you're really wanting to up your page count amid a demanding, exhausting schedule, prepare to make audiobooks your new best friend.

Audiobooks are all pros, no cons: You can listen while running errands, cooking, and commuting—without getting motion sick!—so they fit perfectly into your schedule. Plus, with the audiobook business booming, the biggest books, from classics to buzzy new releases, are being recorded by some very familiar voices, which adds a fun layer to any reading experience. On top of all that, quite frankly, there's nothing more peaceful than being read to after a long day. If that isn't enough to make you an audiobook convert, this list definitely will: We've rounded up all the best audiobooks of 2021 so far, here to bless your eardrums. (And for when you need a break from books, check out our guide to the best podcasts of 2021.)

Andrea Park

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