Diane Keaton Is Embracing Her Status as 'Coastal Grandma Influencer'

In this exclusive 'Mack & Rita' clip, Keaton's character gets an invite to our annual power summit.

Let me list a few of my favorite things: Diane Keaton. Rom-coms. Marie Claire's annual 36-hour Power Trip (also: chocolate, cheese, and Jane Austen novels but those aren't relevant here). The first three things on that list are all key elements of the new movie Mack & Rita, directed by the amazing Katie Aselton (add her to my list of favorites too!). 

The film is a Freaky Friday-ish story about a 30-year-old named Mack (played by Elizabeth Lail) who, after some high jinks of the highest order, wakes up transformed into her 70-something-year-old self (played by Diane Keaton). After discovering she doesn't know how to turn herself back, the Diane Keaton-ified character poses as her own aunt, calls herself Rita, and finds herself living her best life as an in-demand, Coastal Grandma-chic influencer. And one of the first events Rita gets invited to? The Marie Claire Power Trip.

What is Power Trip you (and Rita) ask? As Rita's agent explains in this exclusive clip, it's "just a major event that celebrates the power of women thrown by a publication you would die to have your little stinky pieces run in." 

Mack & Rita

Rita at Marie Claire's Power Trip.

(Image credit: Sophia Fields)

Though the Power Trip scene devolves into its own chaotic hilarity (which I promise has never actually happened at the real life Power Trip...yet), it has all the makings of the true summit: bringing powerful women together to connect, recharge, and have fun. Diane, if you're reading this, you officially have an open invitation to Power Trip!

Check out the full trailer for Mack & Rita below. The film hits theaters August 12.

Sally Holmes

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