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ModCloth Casts Its First Transgender Campaign Model

Meet Rye Silverman.
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Well done, ModCloth. Rye Silverman, a writer and comedian, was given her own page to talk about style inspiration for the company's #FashionTruth campaign. Silverman also happens to be transgender.

"[My sense of style] evolves over time, but I think right now my best way of describing it is a bit of a quirky or edgy twist on vintage," she said. "I love rockabilly-type stuff or circle skirts that have interesting prints on them. The two garments I currently get the most positive responses to are my Mewseum Visit Dress from ModCloth and my Pac-Man-themed circle skirt. I've noticed in the last year or so more and more of my skirts and dresses have fun prints. But when I'm kind of just looking for a more relaxed, chill look, I shift into a more '90s vibe."

When posting Silverman's photo on Instagram, the company used a quote that will hopefully inspire others to be their truest selves:

"I waited years for someone to tell me that it was okay to be myself before I realized that someone was me."

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So much love all around.

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