Announcing Marie Claire's Very Own Candy Crush Level, Which You Can Play Right This Second

Creative Director Nina Garcia handpicked candies and colors with you in mind.

(Image credit: Marie Claire)

Because we love you and your Candy Crush-obsessed ways, we have some big news: To celebrate the launch of our January "Next Big Thing" issue (which is packed with cool tech innovations and which you should check out immediately at your nearest newsstand), we've partnered with Candy Crush Saga to create a special Marie Claire level of the world-famous game. It's the first time they've *ever* collaborated with a magazine.

The new Marie Claire level launches as part of a live in-game Candy Crush Saga event which lasts for just 48 hours, starting today, and is themed around the magazine (Tiffi must meet the deadline for her article!). To play, check your in-game messages for a "!" symbol, alerting you to your *special access*. (So VIP.) Then, to reach the Marie Claire level, you'll need to finish two other levels that are part of the in-game event without losing a life. If you go on to beat the MC level, you'll get some sweet surprises, like a Lollipop Hammer.

In order to make all this magic happen, creative director Nina Garcia met virtually with level designer Yonna Ingolf for a crash course in game design. As it turns out, there's actually a lot of synergy between designing a magazine like Marie Claire and designing a massively popular app like Candy Crush—both have to be fun, stimulating, and have visual appeal. 


(Image credit: Marie Claire)

Below, you check out exclusive footage of Garcia as she journeys through the creation process and masterminds a timed level that bursts with eye-popping colors and surprises at every turn. Garcia's main instructions for Ingolf? "I want it to be deceptively easy, and then challenging." 

So...think you can beat it?

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Jenna Blaha