How Is 'Selling Tampa' Connected to 'Selling Sunset'?

Both feature stunning homes and impressive agents you'll love watching.

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The Netflix reality hit Selling Sunset has a winning formula: luxury houses plus glamorous divas plus lots of interpersonal drama equals a can't-miss show. Now the Selling universe has expanded, with its first spin-off centered on the skyrocketing luxury real estate market in Tampa, Florida (and a little bit in Miami). 

Selling Tampa's first season premiered Wednesday, Dec. 15 on Netflix, and the agents of Allure Realty have already won over fan. The two-year-old brokerage, staffed entirely with women of color, has all the high-end listings and workplace drama that made us love Sunset, but with a more start-up feel and minus any men (though props to the Oppenheim bros). Fans who have been wondering how the new show is connected to the original may be pleasantly surprised to know that there are no cast crossovers in this new season. Here's what we know about the Selling franchise so far.

'Selling Sunset' and 'Selling Tampa' Are Filmed In the Same Way

Both Selling Sunset and Selling Tampa were created by Adam DiVello, the mind behind MTV's Laguna Beach and The Hills. They're also shot in the same way, featuring gorgeous cinematography of the houses for sale and the agency's offices and parties with testimonials from the realtors sprinkled throughout. 

Season 1 of Tampa also mirrors season 4 of Sunset in the ways it handles the pandemic. Though the realtors mention how the pandemic affected their lives, on camera masks are only seen in the background, a reminder that the series was filmed in the post-social distancing times.

'Tampa' Head Broker Sharelle Rosado Was Cast Through Social Media

Los Angeles and Tampa may be thousands of miles apart, but Instagram is a small world. Allure Realty's broker Sharelle Rosado, who founded the agency in July 2019 and had her full team by 2020, told Creative Loafing that she actually reached out to DiVello on Instagram after researching Selling Sunset.

"I put myself in front of Adam, and they reached out to me a couple days later," she said. Her method of reaching out? Liking a bunch of likes on the producer's photos. 

'Selling the O.C.' Will Be a Direct Spin-Off

For any viewers hoping that Christine or Chrishell would pop up in Tampa, Sunset's cast may be seen on the third show from the Selling universe. At the end of season 4 of Sunset, Brett and Jason Oppenheim announced that the brokerage would be expanding to offices in Newport Beach, a hop and a freeway drive away from LA. They also introduced some of the Newport agents to the Sunset crew, suggesting that there may be more crossover on the new show.

Selling the O.C. started filming last month, per Variety, with plans to air on Netflix sometime next year.

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