How Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal's Relationship Went From a Promising 'Perfect Match' Pairing to Complete Chaos

Their relationship became a dramatic focus of season 2 of the Netflix reality hit.

Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal on Netflix's 'Perfect Match'
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Spoilers for all episodes of Perfect Match season 2 ahead. Finding love on reality television is a hard task in and of itself, but it's an even taller order for Perfect Match season 2 couple Harry Jowsey and Jessical Vestal. The former's reputation (and complicated dating history) precedes him. He says it best himself in episode 3 when he admits that he's "slept with pretty much every person on a Netflix reality show." Enter Jessica, who had a fan-favorite turn in the recent season 6 of Netflix's biggest reality hit Love Is Blind, and whose season hadn't even arrived on Netflix when Perfect Match was filmed around summer 2023.

As their romance on Perfect Match season 2 unfurled, Jessica seemed to be the woman to turn Harry from an infamous bachelor to a committed, therapy-going partner. However, once Harry was separated from Jessica and tempted by a flirtatious single cast member, questions of trust and commitment tore the couple apart. Even before the Perfect Match finale arrived on Netflix—along with the truth of what really went down between Harry and Melinda Berry—clues were already dropped about Jessica and Harry's relationship status. Read on to see what we could find of whether Harry and Jessica's romance made it outside of the Perfect Match villa.

Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal, on Netflix's 'Perfect Match'

Harry and Jessica enter the villa after their date on Perfect Match season 2.

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What happened between Harry and Jessica on 'Perfect Match' season 2?

From the moment he entered the villa in Perfect Match's season 2 premiere, the biggest obstacle to Harry finding love would be his reputation. After all, he was the man who got between Perfect Match season 1 winners Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati. (The truth in that statement can only be known by the three people in question, but Harry leans into his lady-killer identity in his intro, so we'll go with it.) Despite his past, he claims that therapy and self-help books have helped him embrace a new era of dating for long-term commitment and marriage. The shadows of doubt first crop up in his match with Too Hot to Handle alum Elys Hutchinson; when Harry tells her that he wishes she was more physically affectionate, Elys points out that she finds it hard to trust him because of his history (fair), he seems quite wounded and indignant in response (perhaps less fair?).

Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey, on Netflix's 'Perfect Match'

Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey embracing on Perfect Match season 2.

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When they're set up on a date, Jessica and Harry quickly hit it off, and she is perfect for him within the Perfect Match bubble—in the sense that she's committed to giving him a chance without other people's opinions of him affecting her judgment. As a blank slate, she seems to lean into their connection, allowing Harry to try to be the more mature man, ready to date a single mom like he says he is now. However, she's also not afraid to stand up for herself when he exhibits questionable behavior. There's the solid line she says when she learns Harry misrepresented his friendship with Elys: "I will not be in the graveyard of relationships that were ruined being associated with you."

Later, when Harry's "best friend" Dom makes a comment that doesn't bode well for how Harry was moving before filming—"Everyone's so genuine, why did you come here?" which, yikes—she refuses to drop it before they process her wariness. Harry becomes emotional in response, and Jessica apologizes, even saying the next morning that she was overthinking it. After they seem to work through the incident (either on or off-camera), they're one of the strongest couples by the end of episode 6.

Harry Jowsey, Jessica Vestal, Alara Taneri in episode 208 of Perfect Match.

Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey sharing a kiss (and "I love you"s) on Perfect Match season 2.

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Little did the couple (or viewers) know that Harry's reckless side would come out to play once the coupled men and women are separated for chances to mingle without their matches around in episode 8.

Late in the season, the remaining uncoupled singles from season 2 all return to shoot their shot, and on the boys' side, Harry quickly falls into conversation with Too Hot to Handle alum and Dated & Related host Melinda Berry (a.k.a. Melinda Melrose). Despite saying in a confessional that he's gone to therapy and is the "best version of himself," during his boys' day, Harry takes a body shot off Melinda's belly and carries her with her legs wrapped around him. Everything comes to a head when Melinda says that she and Harry kissed off-camera, and Harry denies it, even though Holly Scarfone says that she saw the kiss herself. Once news of the kiss news goes around the party, Harry says Melinda is lying to get clout and more screen time.

That night, when the couples reunite at the villa, Harry admits to Jessica that he carried Melinda to the bathroom, and says that Melinda was trying to "set him up in a situation ... even though nothing happened." Jessica doesn't let Harry down easy, and disparages him for worrying after the fact about how he acted instead of showing control. Still, after he apologizes, Jessica says that she is disappointed in him, but that she appreciates him taking accountability and acknowledging that she and her daughter deserve better. The matter is settled—for a total of about 12 hours before all the cast members, including Melinda, return to the villa the next day for another matching mixer.

Harry Jowsey, Jessica Vestal, and Melinda Berry on episode 209 of Netflix's 'Perfect Match'

Harry Jowsey, Jessica Vestal, and Melinda Berry during the all-cast mixer on Perfect Match season 2.

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The Perfect Match women quickly congregate for a girls' chat, and Melinda eventually asks Jessica what Harry said about the party. Melinda is the one to tell Jessica about the kiss, and at that same time, Harry walks by the table. Jess makes him share his side too, and he claims again that Melinda is lying to get her "15 minutes." Then, Jessica turns to Melinda and gets defensive, saying Melinda was trying to embarrass her by bringing up the kiss in front of a group and that she could've "been a lady" about it. The two women get into a heated argument, but as they calm down, Jessica says she'll have a private conversation with Harry about the kiss claims, adding, "I'd be doing both of us a disservice by sitting here and disrespecting him."

As the mixer goes on, Jessica eventually talks to Melinda and Melinda shares more details of her and Harry's conversation at the party, including a moment where Harry allegedly told Melinda, "I'll put a baby in you." Jess also talks to Dom, who backs up Harry's claim that Melinda may only want attention, and shares that Harry's feelings for Jessica are real.

Meanwhile, Harry says he spent the night throwing up and "feeling sick about the situation." Once Harry and Jess sit down together, he says that he wants to move forward and show her that he can be a good man, but Jessica acknowledges that if what Melinda says is true, she doesn't want to have to explain to her daughter that she stayed with a man who did that.

Their conversation carries over into the season 2 finale when Jessica brings up the baby comment and the fact that Harry didn't mention it the night before. Harry continues to deny everything, but Jessica questions him throughout, even asking if he'd told her that he loved her that morning as a "Hail Mary" or as a "last-ditch effort because [he] knew this was gonna be an absolute s--- show."

Harry Jowsey in episode 209 of Perfect Match

Harry Jowsey speaks with Jessica Vestal in Perfect Match season 2.

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Jessica's doubt in Harry is too deep for her to continue. Though she says she doesn't doubt Harry's feelings for her, she adds, "My intuition is telling me you want to be a certain type of person right now. But right now you are not."

She recognizes that he's only telling enough of the truth to "cover his ass," and decides that she doesn't want to match with him. Both of them leave the house devastated. In her testimonial, she says through tears that she trusts her intuition and has no regrets.

Still, the shadow of Jessica and Harry hangs over the rest of the finale, even when Jessica is brought back for an aerial yoga date with fellow Love Is Blind alum Izzy Zapata. Speaking to the girls back at the villa, Jessica says there was a connection with Izzy, and that she didn't feel uncomfortable, despite the closeness during the activity. She also mentions that Harry sent her a long apology letter, and wrote that he'd made the "biggest mistake of his life." When it comes to matching, Izzy tells Jessica that she deserves to have fun and enjoy the experience, and adds that he doesn't have any expectations for how their match goes.

Jessica does agree to match with him, but the next morning, they announce that they've agreed to unmatch. Jessica admits that she isn't okay, and says it wouldn't be fair to Izzy for her to stay. (Props to Jessica for being honest with herself, and to Izzy for being a stand-up guy throughout his many friendship matches!)

Harry Jowsey, Jessica Vestal in episode 205 of Perfect Match.

Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal share a laugh in Perfect Match season 2.

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Even though Jessica and Harry aren't eligible for the winning vote, Harry does get a chance during the final all-cast meeting to reflect on his disappointment with how he acted on the show. He admits he "wasn't honest with someone [he] really cared about."

During that moment, the show's producers reveal the audio from the boys' day and prove that Melinda was telling the truth. There's audio for it all: "I'll get you pregnant," the off-screen kiss, Harry admitting to the kiss (in earshot of both Chris Hahn and Kaz Bishop), and asking the crew if they got it on camera. Cut back to Harry at the meeting, and he's talking about being playful and reading a book on self-sabotage. (Yikes!)

Meanwhile, Jessica says that she believes that "sometimes good people make bad decisions" and that she does think Harry wants to do better. She says at the time that he's not the man she wants to "lead her life" right now, but she doesn't regret their relationship.

As if the events in the finale weren't enough to make you shake your head and say, "I give up, the show's final moments offer another check-in with Jessica and Harry as the credits roll. In a selfie video of them in a car back in L.A., they say they're going strong, though Jessica won't accept him as her boyfriend because they "need to work on things." Harry says they'll probably be married by the time the show airs—although an on-screen graphic confirms, "One week later, they broke up." Perfect Match may not be for the lovers, but it is for the messy.

Are Harry and Jessica still together after 'Perfect Match' season 2?

Unfortunately, (or predictably, if you know the fate of Perfect Match season 1's batch of couples), Jessica and Harry's relationship did not last. Even before Netflix revealed they were no longer together, news of their breakup was technically public before Perfect Match season 2 premiered.

It came from Harry himself, as he shared a piece of gossip in the debut episode of his podcast Boyfriend Material. In the pod, Harry recalled his time competing on Dancing With the Stars in fall 2023 and admitted that he had a secret relationship while he filmed the competition dance show.

At the time, DWTS fans had been widely speculating that Harry was dating his dance partner, 18-year-old professional dancer Rylee Arnold. (To be fair, the series has a history of relationships among its cast.) However, according to Harry, the rumors came between him and his then-girlfriend, whose identity he kept a secret, and contributed to their breakup. He didn't reveal his ex's name or any details about her on the podcast episode, but he did take a moment to tell her, "I miss you."

Harry Jowsey, Jessica Vestal in 'Perfect Match' season 2

Jessica and Harry during a truth-bomb compatibility challenge, on Perfect Match season 2.

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The former couple were spotted together when they tried to make things work in the brief period before they called it off last fall. According to TMZ, Harry and Jessica were photographed cozying up to one another and looking happy in love in Mexico in September 2023. The photographs didn't surface until March of this year when reality TV fans learned of the Love Is Blind alum's identity once season 6 aired in early 2024, piecing together how she was linked to another Netflix star. Considering when the photos were taken, the vacation likely took place just before they recorded the follow-up clip from the finale credits. As for the final nail in the coffin, Jessica revealed at the time of Love Is Blind season 6's airing that she was single.

Have Harry Jowsey or Jessica Vestal spoken out about their relationship since 'Perfect Match' season 2 aired?

Now that Perfect Match is out, Harry and Jessica have been teasing on TikTok that they're preparing to open up about their romance sooner or later.


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On June 14, Harry shared two TikToks that he and Jess filmed during a beach getaway. Although, judging by another clip, the pair appeared to have been hanging out with the rest of the Perfect Match cast. In one video, though, Jessica mouths along to the audio, "Naughty little Australian boys scurry to me like little white mice," while the other TikTok shows the pair using aging filters paired with the sentence, "I can't wait to grow old with her."

Jessica has also sounded off on social media. The Love Is Blind alum has posted TikToks implying that she has finally processed the red flags regarding Harry's past that she once looked past. She even teamed up with her Perfect Match costar Micah Lussier—who had a similarly tumultuous relationship with Kaz Bishop—to share a handful of videos in which they gently roast their past selves for trusting their respective matches.


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On Micah's page, Jessica and Micah appear in a video with the caption, "when everyone warned you about your man but you're a lover girl at heart so you're gonna stick beside him against your better judgment." Meanwhile, on Jessica's page, she and Micah voice along to gossip-like audio in a clip paired with the text, "Us gossiping about our matches knowing we're going to stick beside them anyway." Jess also added the caption, "The way we were 20 toes down for them 🫠 like sis get up."

So, Perfect Match once again spawned a memorable, but temporary, romance. (And hopefully, Jessica's daughter fast-forwards past Harry's blunt confessionals if she ever watches the series.)

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