'Perfect Match' Season 2: Everything We Know

Netflix's answer to 'Bachelor in Paradise' is back to heat up the summer.

Francesca Farago and Dom Gabriel prepare for a blindfolded kiss while wearing headphones, in 'Perfect Match' season 1
(Image credit: Shane Lopes/Netflix)

Netflix fans, prepare yourselves: Perfect Match is officially back. The omnibus dating experience created a season 1 cast by bringing together alumni from the streaming giant's various reality series for a vacation à la Bachelor in Paradise and Love Island, where they all flirted and competed to find their perfect match. Season 1, which premiered on the platform in February 2023, was the ultimate mindless reality TV, hitting the sweet spot between relentless drama and discourse fuel about the show villains' gameplay (as well as its unfortunate racial blindspot).

Netflix knows when it has a hit, and after season 1 became one of the best reality shows of last year, the streamer quickly began preparing for another installment. Read on for everything we know about Perfect Match season 2. (For breakdowns of how each couple fared after the show, read on for Dom and Georgia, Chloe and Shayne, and Joey and Kariselle.)

Dom Gabriel and Francesca Farago stand in the 'Perfect Match' boardroom, in season 1

Dom Gabriel and Francesca Farago visit the Boardroom in Perfect Match season 1.

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Has 'Perfect Match' been renewed for a second season?

Netflix officially renewed the series on April 18, 2023, less than two months after the season 1 finale. Perfect Match's first season racked up over 24 million hours watched in its first week and 39 million in its second, despite going up against powerhouse shows like You, Physical: 100, Outer Banks, and its genre-mate Love Is Blind: After the Altar. Per Netflix, it spent 5 weeks on its Global Top 10 English TV list, reaching the Top 10 TV lists in 58 countries.

When will 'Perfect Match' season 2 come out?

Perfect Match is returning just in time for summer, with the first six(!) episodes premiering on June 7, 2024. After the premiere, the show will air weekly over the following three weeks, ending in the season 2 finale on June 21. See the full release schedule for Perfect Match below.

  • Episodes 1-6 – Friday, June 7, 2024
  • Episodes 7-9 – Friday, June 14, 2024
  • Episode 10 – Friday, June 21, 2024

Shayne Jansen and Chloe Veitch kiss on a beach picnic by a tree, in 'Perfect Match' season 1.

Shayne Jansen and Chloe Veitch have a romantic beach picnic in Perfect Match season 1.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

Who has been cast in 'Perfect Match' season 2?

For the Perfect Match season 2 cast, Netflix has cast a wider net among its constantly growing reality universe. This means that several of the new cast may be new faces to viewers—unless they've tuned into more recent shows like The Trust, Surviving Paradise, Dated & Related, or Squid Game: The Challenge.

Still, the streaming giant has gathered a compelling cast, including several, previously announced former Love Is Blind contestants: season 4's Micah Lussier, season 5's Izzy Zapata, and season 6's Jessica Vestal. There's also a major shake-up for those more familiar with the Netflix universe of influencers, as both Too Hot to Handle's Harry Jowsey and Perfect Match season 1 winner Dom Gabriel have joined the cast.

For those less familiar with the IRL goss, Dom, previously best known for The Mole, was the Perfect Match season 1 winner when he and THTH's Georgia Hassarati were voted the perfect match. Not long after the show, the two broke up, and she went on to date THTH's Harry Jowsey for a period.

Dom and Georgia have given different statements on how long they stayed together after filming in early 2022. By mid-2022, Georgia began dating Harry, whom she met during an appearance on his Boyfriend Material podcast. Dom has said he was "blindsided" by her new relationship with Harry, while Georgia has said she and Dom were "at different levels of the relationship."

To add more fuel to the fire, Dom and Harry share another ex: season 1 star Francesca Farago.

So Perfect Match season 2's cast includes standouts from the buzziest Netflix shows, people entering with (relative) clean slates, and two sides of an epic love triangle. This is going to be interesting.

Is there a trailer for 'Perfect Match' season 2?

You bet there is! Netflix dropped a trailer on May 21, two and a half weeks ahead of the June 7 premiere date. With clips of wild challenges, body shots, toe-sucking, and hookups that seem to shock the group, it promises everything a fan of Netflix reality shows could want.

It’s hard to say who might be coupling up this season from the trailer, but it does seem to imply a handful of pairings. Based on the brief teaser, there might be sparks (or at least brief flirtations) between Chris and Tolú, Stevan and Xanthi, Christine and Kaz, and Jessica and Harry—but also maybe Harry and Micah. Meanwhile, former Love Is Blind antagonist Trevor admits that he's there "to redeem [himself.]"

There's ultimately no way to predict what will go down on the chaotic series, but at least we have the trailer to mull over.

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