Micah Lussier and Kaz Bishop Were the Most Dramatic 'Perfect Match' Season 2 Pairing—Are They Still Dating?

The two had one of the most tumultuous relationships on the latest season of the hit Netflix reality show.

Kaz Bishop, Micah Lussier in episode 202 of Perfect Match.
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Spoilers for all episodes of Perfect Match season 2 ahead. Netflix's answer to Bachelor in Paradise, Perfect Match, had a handful of romantic and cliched reality show types in its second season, which wrapped up on June 21. There was an unexpected pairing of Tolú Ekundare and Chris Hahn, lovebirds Alara Taneri and Stevan Ditter, and mismatched agents of chaos Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey. There was also a couple who bickered nearly constantly in Micah Lussier and Kaz Bishop, who started strong after a surprisingly successful "wife swap" and devolved into many arguments.

However, by the end of the season, Micah and Kaz were still going strong. Sure, there was little to no chance they would win the competition, but their love may have been the real prize. Of course, viewers are now clamoring for news on whether this riveting pair made their relationship work after filming ended. Read on for everything we know about the couple's future so far.

Kaz Bishop, Micah Lussier in episode 202 of Perfect Match.

Kaz Bishop and Micah Lussier do the blindfolded kiss challenge on Perfect Match season 2.

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What happened between Micah and Kaz on 'Perfect Match' season 2?

At the start of Perfect Match, Kaz and Micah are among the first cast members in the house, but they do not pair up. Instead, Kaz matches with Xanthi Perdikomatis, while Micah is in a platonic pairing with Stevan Ditter. That doesn't last long, though: During the second mixer of the season, Xanthi and Micah agree to a "wife swap," which pairs Micah and Kaz together. For a notable time after, Micah and Kaz seem like one of the stronger couples in the house; they give each other perfect 10s on the kissing challenge, and they get along great on their subsequent date.

The first challenge to the pairing came on Micah's side, as she shows interest in Justin Assada once he enters the villa after a date with Elys Hutchinson. Elys already has beef with Micah (Micah and Kaz were the ones who set up Jessica and Harry while he was matched with Elys), so Elys takes the chance to try to plant seeds of doubt in Kaz. The doubt didn't take, though; Micah apologizes to Kaz and they reaffirm their match.

The tenor of Kaz and Micah's relationship changes when Stevan and Alara get into the board room. Stevan (a.k.a. Kaz's "wife swap" bestie) proclaims that Micah is a "fun sponge" and that he doesn't think she is a good match for Kaz. Instead, he sets up Kaz with Too Hot to Handle alum Holly Scarfone, and Kaz is clearly into Holly as they massage each other with hot-springs mud. Once he returns to the villa, Kaz tells Micah that he's "pretty sure" he's still with her, which rattles Micah.

Micah has already opened up about the moment. In an interview with Elite Daily, she explained that Kaz gave her the impression he was all-in on her before he left, so the "pretty sure" is why she blew up and called him a liar.

Despite the fight, Kaz decides to match with Micah again, claiming that he likes that she brings out his calmer side.

Micah Lussier, Kaz Bishop in episode 204 of Perfect Match.

Micah Lussier and Kaz Bishop play a compatibility challenge on Perfect Match season 2.

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Kaz and Micah win the next compatibility challenge, and during their date, he tells her that he “100 percent” sees a possible future with her outside the villa. However, after they bring in Brittan Byrd and Nigel Jones on dates with Stevan and Alara, respectively, Kaz surprisingly hits it off with Brittan at the mixer that night. Elys takes the chance to tell Nigel to hit on Micah, but she rejects him, and Kaz and Micah re-match after realizing there was an attempt to break them up. Things are still tense between the couple when they're split up for girls' and boys' day, where Micah badmouths Kaz to the single guys, and Kaz gets close to Christine Obanor.

Kaz and Micah don't reassure each other once they reunite that night, and their fighting continues when all the singles congregate in the villa. Once Kaz sees Micah has been chatting with Bryton Constantin, he claims she's holding him to a double standard. They finally break when Kaz decides to explore other options and sets his target as Holly during a kissing game, which pisses off both Micah and Christine. However, he explains that he didn't feel a "tingle" from the kiss, and thus he asks Christine to match, and she says yes. Micah is devastated but to stay in the house, she matches with Izzy Zapata, saying, “This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me." (Poor Izzy.)

Kaz Bishop, Christine Obanor in episode 208 of Perfect Match.

Kaz Bishop and Christine Obanor talk during boys' day in Perfect Match season 2.

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In the days after he matches with Christine, Kaz admits that he's feeling conflicted between her and Micah, who is still in the villa after matching (platonically) with Izzy. He also has a bit of doubt after seeing the chemistry when Christine kissed Nigel during a game of flip-cup. (To be fair, Kaz wasn't even playing the game when she got the chance to kiss someone.) Christine is then immediately sent on a date with Nigel. While Christine's on the date, Kaz pulls Micah for a chat and apologizes, explaining that he made a mistake and only wants her. Micah later tells Tolú that she thinks Kaz is genuine, but she's wary of how he's acted so far.

Once Christine gets back and tells the girls she's excited about Nigel, Micah tells her that Kaz is now all-in on their relationship. Christine argues that Kaz is switching up instead of putting in effort with her, saying he's "blindsided" her, Micah, Holly, and Brittain. Kaz claims that everything he's done has been within the framework of dating and seeing if connections form on the show. Once Micah and Kaz talk again, she admits that he's the only person she's interested in, at one point saying, "I think that people that have real, genuine feelings are gonna get into heated things." With that, they decide to re-match for the final time.

Micah Lussier, Kaz Bishop in episode 207 of Perfect Match.

Micah Lussier and Kaz Bishop have a romantic date on Perfect Match season 2.

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On their final date, Micah recalls how frustrated she was with Kaz at certain points during the season, saying she felt like she "was having to watch him not care." Kaz claims that his time away from her made him realize how much he cared about her and that he could be himself with her. Micah also says that he's really "understood" her and that she's never felt stronger about him. During the final discussion before the winner vote, Kaz faces the judgment of all the women he's dated over the show, and Holly summarizes it best when she says he "used other women to weaponize his own relationship." (Christine also gets a win when she says his perfect match would be "the devil himself.") Though they have what might be the lowest chance of winning the show (besides Elys and Bryton), Micah says she's going to stay beside Kaz, and that she has found her perfect match.

Are Micah and Kaz still together after 'Perfect Match' season 2?

It may not come as a total shock to Perfect Match viewers to hear that Micah and Kaz did not stick it out following the show. While the two didn't have many concrete clues on their social media during the season, PEOPLE confirmed they called things off in a report published when the finale dropped.

Micah also spoke out about their rocky relationship, calling Kaz a "rollercoaster."

"There was definitely a lot of moments that were probably seen that made it seem like there wasn't much substance. But behind closed doors, there was an actual, real relationship," she admitted. "There were many, many great memories that we share that I'm happy, and I do not regret. I just don't think that we were the right people for each other, and I don't think that he was in a space to be someone that I could have something real with. So, just not the right time."


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The reality stars seem to have broken things off shortly after filming ended, based on a TikTok Micah posted in September 2023, one month after Perfect Match season 2 was reportedly shot. The clip shows Micah with a mystery man at a Seattle Mariners game and, while she doesn't say whether they're an item, she uses the suspicious captions, "when a man is passionate...about anything," and "at least have a little fire bby bout something ??"

Whatever happened between Micah and Kaz after the show, they appear to be on good terms today. The two follow each other on Instagram and have shared plenty of screen grabs and behind-the-scenes photos from the season. They've also commented on the season's drama; Micah has posted several TikToks about her time with Kaz, including one with the caption, "when you ignore all the obvious red flags because he's hot and inevitably get hurt."

Meanwhile, per Reddit user Agitated-End-2317, Kaz defended his actions on the show via an Instagram story Q&A, claiming that “they were single the whole time” and that it was just a show.

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