Everything to Know About 'Perfect Match' Season 2 Bombshell Jessica Vestal

After her fan-favorite turn on 'Love Is Blind,' the single mother has returned to Netflix for another dramatic appearance.

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For Perfect Match season 2—a.k.a. Netflix's chaotic dating show à la Bachelor in Paradise—the streaming giant has gathered another cast of alums from its massive slate of reality series. Among the many influencers, one face should be very familiar to Love Is Blind fans, since she just appeared in season 6 of the dating show in early 2024. She spawned the most famous catchphrase of the season by showing off her confidence while swearing to her date Jimmy Presnell that he would need an EpiPen to help with the shock after seeing how gorgeous she was in person.

Now in Perfect Match, she leads with her looks and personality, as she's connected with Harry Jowsey, one of the most infamous reality stars in Netflix history.

For anyone who somehow missed the latest season of Love Is Blind or may be wondering whether Vestal and Jowsey could make it in the real world, read on for what to know about the Perfect Match season 2 star.

Jessica Vestal in episode 206 of Perfect Match.

Jessica Vestal in the sixth episode of Perfect Match season 2.

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Jessica Vestal is a single mom and influencer.

Vestal, 29, is an influencer and TV personality who rose to fame after appearing on Love Is Blind season 6. In her Instagram bio, she lists her profession as a "Comedian," and describes herself as "Autumn's mom, foster care advocate, [and] Crohn's disease survivor."

According to her bio for Love Is Blind, she previously worked as an executive assistant and is based near Charlotte, North Carolina. Since the show's premiere in February 2024, Vestal has worked with several brands including Metro by T-Mobile, L'Oreal Paris, and Ulta Beauty.

In addition to her fan-favorite "EpiPen" read on Love Is Blind, Vestal is best known for being a devoted single mom to her 11-year-old daughter Autumn.

The preteen regularly appears on her mother's Instagram and TikTok. In a recent post celebrating her daughter's 11th birthday, Jessica wrote of her daughter, "My purpose. My first love. My greatest accomplishment. The coolest, funniest, kindest girl in the whole world. She's 11 today and I could not be more proud to be her mom."

Jessica Vestal has spoken about Harry Jowsey and called him her "comfort zone" while filming 'Perfect Match.'

Vestal makes a surprising connection once she arrives on Perfect Match, immediately hitting it off with Too Hot to Handle alum Harry Jowsey. The pair are set up on a date and couple up right after.

By the end of episode 6—the final episode to drop on the show's June 7 premiere—they're still going strong. However, they've already had one argument fueled by doubts about Jowsey's reputation (which, considering his loaded dating history, is fair). It seems possible that issue, which remains unsettled, will add more road bumps in the couple's pairing on the way to the Perfect Match season 2 finale on June 21.

Harry Jowsey, Jessica Vestal in 'Perfect Match' season 2

Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey compete in a compatibility challenge in Perfect Match season 2.

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Meanwhile, Vestal has spoken out in interviews since Perfect Match premiered about her relationship with Jowsey—and she seems to have only kind things to say. (Or she's saving any criticism for a possible reunion.)

Speaking with Business Insider, Vestal praised Jowsey for being her "comfort zone" while she was uncomfortable during the show. She also addressed his reputation, saying, "At that point in time, based on my experience with him, I had no reason not to believe what he was telling me."

"I would consider Harry a veteran in the reality TV space," she told the outlet. "There were a lot of situations I was really uncomfortable in, and Harry was my comfort zone. I found a lot of solace in his presence, and he would just tell me, 'Focus on me and us and not the chaos going on around us.'"

Harry Jowsey, Jessica Vestal in episode 207 of Perfect Match.

Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal lounge around the Perfect Match villa.

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Are Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey from 'Perfect Match' still together?

While we'll have to wait until the finale to see whether Vestal and Jowsey make it as a couple—and learn whether they're still an item—one of the stars has publicly discussed their recent relationship status over the past few months. In April, Jowsey debuted his podcast Boyfriend Material by dishing on a recent secret relationship, which he was in during his stint on Dancing With the Stars last fall. Jowsey didn't reveal the person's name, the timing may align with the Perfect Match production schedule. Season 2 was filmed in August 2023, so the couple could have still been together once DWTS began in September.

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