'Manifest' Season 4 Part 2: When Will It Return?

Netflix owes us answers after that ending!

still from manifest season 4 part 1
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In the end, the two-year wait for Manifest season 4, part 1, was worth it. The first installment of the series' final season—and its first season exclusive to Netflix—gave fans everything they were looking for: intrigue, sentimentality, and answers about Flight 828 (well, some answers). But with Netflix and creator Jeff Rake leaving viewers on one hell of a cliffhanger with the ending of part 1—much like Rake did with Manifest season 3—fans who have cycled through the first installment need to know: When will Manifest season 4, part 2 be released?

Well, in short: Netflix hasn't offered any hints, and Rake has claimed that he doesn't know for sure ("I’m hoping Spring," he tweeted of the show's second half in November 2022). However. Both Rake and Netflix have a habit of making major announcements on pivotal dates in the series' lore—for example, the series' renewal announcement dropped on 8/28/2021, with the first trailer coming 8/28/2022—which brings me to...

Hypothetical #1: June 2, 2023.

If we follow the logic of past announcements, we have a tentative (and, to be clear, extremely unconfirmed) release date for part 2 of Manifest season 4: June 2, 2023.

Why? Well, June 2 is the oft-cited "Death Date," which was particularly important to the first part of the fourth season. Technically, the "Death Date" is not June 2, 2023—it's June 2, 2024, as each character has mentioned approximately one million times—but June 2024 is more than 18 months away from the release of part one.

There are a few reasons Netflix is unlikely to leave a gap of 18 months between Manifest parts 1 and 2. First, the two parts were reportedly filmed together and featured as one in the first full-length trailer, below. Second, Part 1 and Part 2 of the fifth season of Lucifer, another Netflix mega-hit, were released less than a year apart; Ozark followed the same model, with the two parts released just three months apart. Third, Rake said in a December 31 tweet: "Happy New Years, Manifesters! It all connects in 2023!"—confirming that 2023 will be the year we get the second half of the last season. The Manifest Instagram also confirmed, "Manifest returns in 2023 with the final ten episodes."

Also? Netflix Life—a source that's often accurate when it comes to release dates—reports: "What we do know for sure is that Manifest season 4 part 2 is going to be released sometime in 2023."

Which is why June 2, 2023 seems the most likely date. Not only is that release day a not-so-subtle nod to the "Death Date" that hangs over the 828-ers, it's also an appropriate amount of time away from the release of season four, part one (November 4, 2022—which, as it happens, was the date Flight 828 landed in New York City in the show. Like I said, Manifest lore weighs heavily on release dates).  

Hypothetical #2: April 7, 2023.

Update, 3/23: Well, here we are in March, and it looks like April will not see the release of the next batch of Manifest episodes. On March 22, Netflix released its list of shows released in April—and, notably, Manifest wasn't on it. So we're back to projecting June as the likely release date, although I wouldn't be surprised if the June release date was announced on April 7.

Original post: But if we're wrong? Well, if the release date is not June 4, 2023, then the most likely date for season 4, part 2's drop is April 7, 2023. Why, you ask? It's another significant date in Manifest lore—April 7 is the day Flight 828 went missing. It's also a reasonable amount of time away from the release of the first part of the season—six months after the release of part 1. It's also "spring," per Rake's tweet. Our first hypothetical, June 2023 would be, well, summer.

What will happen in 'Manifest' season 4 part 2?

Spoilers for Manifest season 4, part 1. The season ended with the death of Zeke, Michaela's beloved husband, who had been spiraling as things got darker and he continued to feel, well, everything. Zeke sacrificed himself to save Cal—whose cancer had returned and had rapidly gotten more ill in the latter half of the season—because Cal is the only person who can save everyone from the "Death Date." Both Cal and Angelina have channeled the Omega Sapphire (or, in Angelina's case, literally absorbed it into her skin), and the season ends with the Stone family aware that the "Death Day" is not just their date of death, but the death of everyone in the world—so, you know, there's some stuff at stake here.

In an interview with TV Guide, creator Jeff Rake teased of the final part: "It's up to Ben, Mick, and perhaps mostly Cal to defeat Angelina as we make our way into the final block. The problem is that Angelina becomes increasingly powerful. We saw how powerful she was right there in Episode 410, and that's only gonna get worse." He also suggested that the final part will be the "most urgent" of all, saying to Entertainment Weekly: "Even the most rational among us would start to lose it as you get closer and closer to a potential doomsday...That makes things quite more urgent, makes people a little bit more out of their mind." 

The second part of season 4—which will end the series, meaning there will never be a Manifest season 5—will be ten episodes long, the same as Part 1.

Season 4, Part 1 of Manifest is streaming on Netflix now.