The Cast of 'My Life With the Walter Boys' Plays 'How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star?'

The stars of the Netflix teen drama dished on all their favs from Harry Styles to Timothée Chalamet.

The stars of My Life With the Walter Boys may be at the center of an angsty love triangle on-screen, but stars Nikki Rodriguez, Noah LaLonde, and Ashby Gentry are a much more friendly trio in real life. If you haven't heard of Netflix's latest hit yet, the teen soap (based on Ali Novak's Wattpad novel of the same name) follows the coming-of-age saga of 15-year-old Jackie Howard (Rodriguez). After she loses her entire family in a tragic accident, Jackie moves from NYC to small-town Colorado to live with her mother's best friend Catherine Walker (Suits alum Sarah Rafferty) and her loving family of 10(!) kids. Soon, as these stories go, Jackie gets entangled in a love triangle between two of the Walter brothers, Cole (LaLonde) and Alex (Gentry). 

My Life With the Walter Boys debuted on Netflix on December 7 and quickly found a passionate fanbase thanks to its dramatic plot (including that finale cliffhanger!) and charismatic main trio. With Rodriguez, LaLonde, and Gentry joining the streamer's roster of young stars, we wanted to see just how close the actors have gotten during their whirlwind rise to success. Following Walter Boys' season 2 renewal, we sat down with the group for "How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star?", our trivia game that tests the bonds of our favorite shows' casts.

For nearly 10 minutes, the stars answered questions about their celebrity connections, fast food preferences, and most listened-to artists over the past year. (Of course, we did film this during Spotify Wrapped season.) Each of the three contestants showed their own unique strategy: Rodriguez was calm and level-headed in a way that would make Jackie proud; LaLonde was surprisingly goofy, belting out Phoebe Bridgers songs and a nice Matthew McConaughey impression; and Gentry gave each of his guesses a passionate and thorough explanation (he even brought out a bit of astrology to guess LaLonde's celeb birthday twin). But was it enough to score some points? 

still from my life with the walter boys

(Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

Watch the full challenge, above, then head to Netflix to catch (or re-watch) season 1 of My Life With the Walter Boys, streaming now. 

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