Of Course 'Squid Game: The Challenge' Is Getting a Season 2

Cue the green-light puns.

Squid Game: The Challenge
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It's official. Squid Game: The Challenge—Netflix's unsettling, soulless IP grab that borrows the aesthetics from the mega-hit K-drama while bastardizing its original themes—has officially been renewed for a second season. To build a non-lethal version of Squid Game, the reality show concocted a competition that mixes events from the drama series with intense gameplay twists and a Big Brother-style focus on the individual players, all who seemingly scheme and betray each other for a chance at the $4.56 million prize. Despite its mixed reception from critics, the compulsively-watchable show hit no. 1 on the streamer in both weeks since its Nov. 22 premiere as well as charted in the top 10 in over 90 countries.

Not only is Netflix all in on Challenge (and already working on the second season), the streamer has made its plans clear to also continue the Squid Game franchise. Here's what we know about the upcoming second season of the reality show.

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When will 'Squid Game: The Challenge' season 2 be released?

Netflix appears to be fast-tracking production on the second season, as a casting site is already up and recruiting for season 2. Season 1 was filmed in January 2023 across two studios in the U.K., with controversial reports of "inhumane" conditions on set and claims from contestants of game rigging coming as early as February 2023. (Netflix and the studios behind the show released a statement calling the claims "simply untrue.") Depending how quickly they can cast another 456 contestants, season 2 could come around this same time next year.

What other 'Squid Game' stuff does Netflix have planned?

For anyone dying (sorry, bad pun) to try out Squid Game for themselves, there's a video game version in the works, as well as a live immersive experience beginning in LA on December 6 and running "through the new year." More importantly, the original series reportedly began production on season 2 this year, after creator Hwang Dong-hyuk revealed the new cast during Tudum. Hopefully those new episodes will also be coming next year.

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