'The Traitors' Season 3: Everything We Know

Don't worry—host Alan Cumming's castle will reopen once more.

alan cumming poses with his arms outstretched in front of an empty round table, in 'the traitors' season 2
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Peacock's treacherous reality TV series The Traitors has unfortunately ended its beloved second season. (Unfortunately for viewers, who will no longer get a weekly dose of Alan Cumming or Phaedra Parks' excellent one-liners.) The Mafia-evoking competition gathered dozens of reality stars against each other for a chance at a $250,000 prize pot, to be awarded either to the innocent Faithfuls or the backstabbing Traitors.

Season 2 saw lifelong friendships tested, rivalries between Bravo-lebrities and Gamers (i.e. Survivor, Big Brother, and The Challenge alums) form, and enduring memes born. Now that all has been revealed, the question on every fan's mind is when the Round Table will open once more. Read on for everything we know about The Traitors season 3 so far.

Has 'The Traitors' been renewed for season 3?

Yes! Host Alan Cumming announced the happy news at the end of the season 2 reunion on March 8, assuring viewers that Peacock's reality hit would continue for "another season of famous faces, whispered secrets, and heart-stopping betrayals is on the horizon.” Add on another rotation of fabulous ensembles for the intrepid host.

phaedra parks, wearing a black cloak, delivers a letter to alan cumming, on 'the traitors' season 2

Season 2 standout Phaedra Parks delivers a murder decree to host Alan Cumming, on The Traitors.

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When will 'The Traitors' season 3 come out?

The third season of The Traitors is currently in pre-production as of early March, and new episodes are expected to arrive on Peacock in January 2025, as the show's first two seasons premiered in January 2023 and 2024, respectively. Until then, feel free to host your own murder-mystery party, book a quick Scotland getaway, or check out some shows similar to The Traitors if you're in need of some devious drama.

Who will be in the cast of 'The Traitors' season 3?

As season 2 just ended, there's no casting news yet other than fans' predictions. (I'll add just one suggestion: football player and Bottoms actor Marshawn Lynch, please!) In a March 4 interview with Variety, executive producer Mike Cotton hinted that "a few" reality stars have already reached out about possibly appearing in the third season. He also added that the cast chemistry will be "really important" for season 3. "I liked the fact that [the season 2 cast] were from different walks of life, so I think we want to do the same this time around. We are getting some people approach us, but also we want to think outside the box. The good thing about The Traitors is that I think we surprise people with some slightly different casting. I don’t think anyone would have expected John Bercow from the U.K. to be on Season 2, but actually, he added his own thing to it. I think we have to try and do the same in Season 3."

a group of people (Kevin Kreider, Peter Weber, Kate Chastain, and Mercedes "MJ" Javid) sit at the breakfast table, on 'the traitors' season 2

Some of the season 2 contestants (l-r: Kevin Kreider, Peter Weber, Kate Chastain, and Mercedes "MJ" Javid) sit at the breakfast table, on The Traitors season 2.

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However, it's likely that the series won't lean on a casting surprise they used for season 2, when season 1 contestant and Below Deck star Kate Chastain returned for a second round. When asked whether another former contestant could return for season 3, he told the outlet, "There’s a chance. I will say I also kind of think we did that with Kate. We brought Kate back, let’s try something new. I’d love to surprise people in a different way with a different casting twist of some sort."

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