Shopaholics, You've Finally Met Your Match, Thanks to These

Because spending money has literally never been easier.

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The fashion industry is fast-paced, there's no doubt about that. Trends change quicker than you can say "Cara Delevingne" and it seems the minute we buy the next-best-thing, we're already behind. Luckily, there is one industry that's adapting fast enough to rival even the quickest-moving fashion craze: technology. As is the very nature of fashion, we're constantly seeing new sites pop up, giving us immediate access to not just the "new," but the "newest." The easy part? Finding everything you could literally ever want online. The hard part? Narrowing it down. But not to worry, because the tech industry has you covered on that front, too. Instead of scouring the internet for your absolute musts, retail sites are now tailoring the digital experience to suit your shopping style. Here are a few up-and-coming sites that are practically made for you—and trust me, they'll fit you even better than your LBD.

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The Social Media Shopper
For the social media diehard who only speaks in emojis and looks to their BFF for a stamp of approval before any purchase, there is no comparison to While shopping the latest trends, Whisp allows you to drag and drop products into a conversation with your friends—chat about whether it's fab or drab and get the green light before you purchase. But that's only half the fun. Whisp provides unique emojis inspired by real-life fashionistas, including @Lenadunham @MileyCyrus and @Bryanboy. Co-founder Moncef Zizi came up with the idea for Whisp after watching his wife struggle between chat windows and shopping pages—we all know what that's like! Who doesn't love a man who supports retail therapy?

The Visual Shopper
This is the woman who dreams of ethereal Elie Saab gowns, bold Pucci prints, and everything in between. We need vivid and vibrant imagery and looks to be inspired by, not lists and categories. Wanelo does just that—it gives you things you didn't even know you wanted. Digital designer, Deena Varshavskaya, created Wanelo because she felt unsatisfied with small selections at traditional stores and wanted to bring something more visual to the shopping smorgasbord. Wanelo, from "want, need, love", organizes their site by feeds that display thousands of looks at once, allows you to save or share your picks with friends, and predicts items you'll adore.

The One-Stop Shop
Sometimes you just want one place that offers the high and lows for all your shopping needs and wants. Well, mostly wants. Try one-stop-shop Lyst. Like Wanelo, it personalizes your shopping experience, but is ideal for the woman who has a little less time on her hands. Products are sorted by item type, color, and designer, and can be quickly saved to your "Lyst" for future use. The best part? The site notifies you immediately when saved items go on sale.

The Look-Alike Shopper
You know who you are—you'd rather steal the clothes off of JLaw's back (can anyone say #wcw?) than search for them yourself. For those of you celeb-obsessed, there are multiple websites and apps that allow you to buy exactly what your favorite fashion icon or television character is currently wearing. Gandr is our go-to app to get outfits like Lucy Hale's chic look from the latest Pretty Little Liars episode. With one touch on Gandr—yes, it's that easy—you can choose to purchase now or tag for later. Our other favorite, is the recent start-up,, which also displays looks from your must-watch TV shows. Bonus: Pradux allows you to add clothes yourself, and make a profit if other users buy.

The Bargain Shopper
The only thing to love better than fabulous clothes? Fabulous deals. Shop It To Me is perfect for the woman who can sniff out a sale from a mile away, and is the first to buy the hottest look—but only when the price is right. Because who said fashion has to come at a cost? This site lets you pick items and notifies you when the price drops, so you can get it before anyone else. The best part? It's entirely customizable to your size and designer preferences, which makes finding the perfect look (and fit) nearly instantaneous.

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