Miley Cyrus Pulls Down Her Pants for Italian Hosiery Company

She WOT M8?

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Ball up your control-tops, girls: It's all about wearing seamless tights as pants now, according to Miley.

The pop princess has signed on as the face (and legs) of Italian hosiery and intimates company Golden Lady, which recently released the most Miley-esque campaign video imaginable. (ICYMI, she tears off a helpless teddy bear's limbs, deflates the plastic heart she'd been using as a top, and slides around a very shiny car's windshield.)

WWD reports Cyrus was chosen to star in the ads—which were shot by "Wrecking Ball" collaborator Terry Richardson and styled by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele—because "she's an international music icon with millions of fans, and young girls, who are the women of tomorrow, adore her."

See another image from the "rock your legs" campaign below, in which Miley shows off the stitch-free crotch of her nude, silver-ion-treated legwear.

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