To Match or Not to Match?

Catherine Hageman's never been a fan of matching color for color. But, the trend's return may have changed her mind.

matching red pants and hair accessory catherine hageman
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I hear matchy-matchy outfits are making a comeback, and that makes me a little sad. As a fan of coordinating colors, I always encourage mixing hues rather than matching them exactly. A navy checked blouse, for instance, looks better paired with a yellow sweater than it does with a navy one.

But, I am a sucker for experimenting with new things when it comes to personal style, so I tried to be matchy-matchy myself a couple weeks ago. I topped off red pants with a red flower pin — yes, that's as matchy as I get.

If you're going to try and coordinate an accessory with something else in your outfit, go for the brightest shade, and split the similarly-colored pieces up with a neutral in between. Bright pink flats are fun with a rosy sweater — just separate the two items with some camel pants. Another idea is to match your lips with a color in your outfit. I plan on wearing bright red lipstick with a white blouse and my red pants this summer. I've always liked sporting varying shades of the same color, too — a light blue top looks great under that navy sweater that was just so-so with a navy checked blouse.

Trends come and go quickly in the fashion world. My perspective on most of them is that they give us a good excuse to liven up our fashion habits and try something new. And you never know — you may find you like matching your shirt to your shoes.

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