Going for the Crop

Siobhan Bentley's got a serious case of hair-envy when it comes to Emma Watson and Mollie King's shorter styles.

emma watson and mollie king with short hair
(Image credit: Archives)

There's always a hair trend doing the rounds in the fashion, music and celeb worlds. Whether it's the classic Rachel cut, or the magical tresses of Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge on her wedding day, someone's bound to be giving us mere mortals serious hair-envy! At the moment, I'm crushing on the shorter styles — not the pixie crop (as even I don't think I will ever muster up the courage to go that short!), but those flattering 'dos that hit just below the collarbone. I'm booking an appointment at the hairdresser, pronto!

Mollie King of British girl-band the Saturdays was the first person to get me eyeing the scissors. Once known for her long, luscious golden locks, she recently began sporting a shorter style, which makes me wonder why she ever had long hair in the first place. This cut makes King look more sophisticated, accentuates her cheekbones, and with a slight curl throughout, is perfection.

Although Emma Watson has now embraced the pixie, her best hair lightly brushed against her collarbone. By keeping her mane light with a few golden highlights, Stone showed off the epitome of sexy, beach-waved hair.

With summer just around the corner, these shorter styles are increasingly appealing. Will I see you at the salon?

Siobhan Bentley is a 24-year-old Londoner, self-proclaimed beauty addict, and the voice behind A Girl and a Beauty Blog.