Vagina Wigs Just Walked NYFW and the Pics Are as NSFW as You'd Think

Yes, that is a real sentence that we just said.

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Oh, fashion week—how you delight us and confuse us. And today, you’ve given us both of those feels, because in a unique display of individuality, designer KAIMIN sent its models down the runway wearing giant mohawks and, even more surprisingly, merkins (i.e. vagina wigs).

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A merkin is essentially a triangle of fake hair that sticks over your pubic bone, almost like strapless underwear. And the models at KAIMIN’s New York Fashion Week display wore them in every realistic color and design, some with red stripes down the center, while others had a gray-ish mohawk strip. So, you know, classic pubic hair.

The theme of the show was apparently diversity and tolerance, and, in a press release, KAIMIN allegedly stated that the “acceptance of individuality is the human vagina,” thus the very public display of merkins in all their hairy glory.

And, hey, we’re all about body hair empowerment, and if it takes a fashion show to change the public discourse, we’ll take it. Because you and your vagina are unique little flowers, and you can do whatever the hell you want with them, including wearing a merkin in lieu of pants.

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