Kim Kardashian Just Wore What's Possibly Her Most Naked Dress Ever

Does this even count as clothes?

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No one out there does naked dressing quite like Kim Kardashian West—although her sisters often give her some strong competition. The reality star has well and truly mastered the art of rocking barely-there clothes, usually resulting in an outfit that might understandably leave your eyeballs hanging out of their sockets. Shout out to the time she wore an entirely transparent tress with an open trench coat, and how could you forget her Jean Paul Gaultier optical illusion dress from this year’s PCAs?

But it turns out that, despite her ydaring legacy of masterful naked dressing, we simply ain’t seen nothing yet. Kim’s latest Instagram post has revealed what might just be her most naked dress of all time, and it's really quite something.

The 38-year-old mother-of-three posed for a snap which was simply captioned “fittings”—although there’s not actually all that much to fit. Kim’s completely sheer, sparkling dress was covered in delicate crystal embellishment, and featured a-symmetrical straps, a plunging neckline, and not a whole lot else. Of course, it goes without saying that Kim looked phenomenal, if not a little chilly, while she held the two sides of the unfastened dress together.

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While Kim didn’t reveal exactly what the show-stopping dress was in aid of, it comes just a few days after her youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, posted an Instagram featuring a similarly glamorous, figure-hugging look. By now, it's safe to assume that nothing the Kardashians do is ever just a coincidence, and there's something naked-looking in the works.

The Kardashian Christmas card was officially cancelled for 2018, but maybe we’re getting some kind of Naked New Year celebration? At this point, why not.

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