Jamie Lee Curtis Is a Queen In White and Silver at the Golden Globes

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I wasn't expecting a religious experience when I tuned into the Golden Globes red carpet this evening, but here we are. The moment Jamie Lee Curtis showed up to the Globes, resplendent in a white dress with a thigh-high split and a silver sequined bodice, with bouffant hair and some kind of clutch ring I do not understand but desperately want, I knew in my bones that host Sandra Oh would have company when she stole the show at tonight's awards.

Curtis is already a Golden Globes attendee many times over, having been nominated a stunning seven times and won twice (she didn't win for Freaky Friday, though, which remains a tragedy). She isn't nominated for anything tonight, but she'll present an award in all of her white-and-silver glory.

Seriously, look at her. This woman is 60 years old.

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Her hair! That provocative slit! And...whatever this is on her clutch!

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Now, I don't quite understand it, because Curtis has far more inherent style at 60 than I have at half her age, but I want it. Jamie Lee Curtis, clutch-ring pioneer. (The clutch is Perrin Paris x Zaha Hadid, FYI—a collaboration with the late Iraqi-British architect.)

Curtis paired the outfit with some starfish-shaped earrings, silver to match the sequins in the neckline of her dress:

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Here is a woman who knows she looks friggin' unbelievable. I'd be pretty happy, too, if I were you, Jamie.

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So, I think we can cancel the rest of it. It's all over, people. Jamie. Sandra. They've won. They've won everything. In my head, anyway.

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