Everything In Rihanna's Luxury Fenty Collection I Need Right Now

Get your coins together, girls.

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Rihanna has spent the last few years deep in her entrepreneurial bag. First, it was Fenty x Puma. Then came Fenty Beauty. After that, Savage X Fenty. Now, with the recent launch of her luxury fashion line Fenty, there is no doubt that, borrowing from the iconic baddie anthem "So Hard" from Rated R, "that Rihanna reign just won't let up."

The 31-year-old's latest business venture, Fenty, is groundbreaking in more ways than one; Rihanna's deal with luxury fashion conglomerate LVMH makes her the first black woman ever in the group's history to run one of its brands. It's definitely weird that we're still having to celebrate firsts in this day age and age, but if anyone is capable of breaking down barriers, it's our favorite bad gal.

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Fenty made its debut early last week at a pop-up boutique in Paris and was well-received by both fashion enthusiasts and the Navy (Rih's über-passionate stans) alike, stunning everyone with its unique, fashion-forward statement pieces that scream "cool af" without trying too hard—just like Rihanna.

Rihanna cited the work of Kwame Braithwaite, a Brooklyn photographer known for his contribution to the "black is beautiful" movement of the 1960s, as a source of inspiration for her luxury line. The movement, which sought to broaden the standard of beauty to include the kinks and coils of black hair and the varied hues of black skin, really spoke to Rihanna as she conceptualized the launch for this collection.

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"When I was coming up with the concept for this release, we were just digging and digging, and we came up with these images," the beauty and fashion mogul shared with British Vogue. "They made me feel they were relevant to what we are doing right now." And rightfully so; almost all of Rihanna's business ventures have the shared ethos of inclusion, so it makes sense that she was moved by Braithwaithe's work.

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The first release of the line, Release 5-19, includes fashionable oversized blazers and structured mini dresses as well as a variety of eye-catching accessories such as some very ostentatious sunglasses and jewelry that is literally dripping with Swarovski crystals. There's more to come—new products will be added to the website every few weeks—but from what we've seen on the website so far, Fenty is everything!

Below, some of our absolute must-haves from the first offerings of the luxury line.

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